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1. A person who eats the flesh of other humans.
2. An animal that feeds on others of its own kind.

[From Spanish Caníbalis, name (as recorded by Christopher Columbus) of the allegedly cannibalistic Caribs of Cuba and Haiti, from earlier Carib karibna, person, Carib.]

can′ni·bal·ism n.
can′ni·bal·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.cannibalistic - characteristic of cannibals or exhibiting cannibalism; "cannibalistic behavior"
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آكِلُ لَحْم البَشَر


[ˌkænɪbəˈlɪstɪk] ADJcanibalesco
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adjkannibalisch; people alsoMenschen fressend
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[ˌkænɪbəˈlɪstɪk] adjcannibalesco/a
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(ˈkӕnibəl) noun
1. a person who eats human flesh.
2. an animal etc which eats others of its own species.
ˈcannibalism noun
ˌcannibaˈlistic adjective
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And since King William Island was cannibalistic, he could only conclude that the other islands were given to similar dietary practice.
The film, which is inspired by the real-life story of two cannibalistic brothers in Punjab, stars Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Maira Khan, Nouman Javaid and Dodi Khan in main roles.
He says that while SP will be more cannibalistic in urology, it will "open up the door into new specialties like ENT and fuel additional growth to General Surgery." The analyst believes that if SP can get the same clinical outcomes as multiport systems, patients are going to be drawn to its single incision surgery.
Recent work by Orrock et al (2017) found low quality food induced cannibalistic behavior in a common pest, the beet armyworm (Spodoptera exigua)', caterpillars that were fed leaves sprayed with methyl jasmonate, a known elicitor of plant defenses, were more likely to attack conspecifics compared to those that were fed control leaves.
But storms, sea monsters, and the cannibalistic Cazadores aren't the only threat to X and his small crew.
Mike Hilman, a park director at Gatorland in Orlando, said this was not something uncommon as alligators are cannibalistic in nature.
'The cannibalistic mouses are eating up Imran's governance,' he added.
could be many things: a densely layered biblical allegory replete with plagues, a Messiah and cannibalistic communion; a study of the egotistical male psyche; a hallucinogenic portrait of the impact of the creative process on artist and muse; a home invasion thriller; a homage to author Rosemary's Baby.
The study by Silvia Bello from The Natural History Museum, UK and colleagues suggested that human bones may have been engraved as part of a cannibalistic ritual during the Paleolithic period.
("Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers") soundtrack in "toxic waste puddle"-colored vinyl?
In America, he becomes part of a suburban community in the 1950s, works with the Project Mercury astronauts in the 1960s, and becomes the leader of a cannibalistic cult in the 1970s.