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 (kə-nō′lē, kă-)
n. pl. can·no·lis
A fried pastry roll with a sweet creamy filling.

[Italian, pl. of cannolo, tube, diminutive of canna, reed, from Latin; see cane.]
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pl n
a Sicilian pudding of pasta shells filled with sweetened ricotta
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(kəˈnoʊ li)

n., pl. -li, -lis.
a deep-fried tubular pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta and often bits of citron, chocolate, or nuts.
[1940–45; < Italian, pl. of cannolo, derivative of canna reed, cane]
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For dessert, we had a simple Cannoli with a generous sprinkling of chocolate chips on both sides.
It looks a bit like a cannoli roll with a crispy cheese exterior with the succulent chicken and fragrant sauce inside.
In two other videos, the same model was shown to attempt eating a cannoli and a bowl of spaghetti, while saying the phrase 'Dolce and Gabbana', which was allegedly made to mock the way the Chinese people pronounce English words.
At one point, the narrator asks the female model about the phallic shaped cannoli, "Is it too huge for you?" Chinese netizens cried foul at what they considered a mockery of their culture and a perpetuation of racial stereotypes, prompting Dolce and Gabbana to cancel a fashion show originally slated for Shanghai.
The controversy began on Monday night when the label posted a video on the social media site Weibo showing a Chinese model attempting to use chopsticks to eat a pizza, a cannoli and spaghetti.
Cut into long, thin rectangular strips and wrap around cannoli cylinders (wrap 2 or 3 times) or cut with a round cookie cutter and wrap around cannoli cylinders (overlapping circle edges if you prefer closed cannoli).