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 (kə-nō′lē, kă-)
n. pl. can·no·lis
A fried pastry roll with a sweet creamy filling.

[Italian, pl. of cannolo, tube, diminutive of canna, reed, from Latin; see cane.]


pl n
a Sicilian pudding of pasta shells filled with sweetened ricotta


(kəˈnoʊ li)

n., pl. -li, -lis.
a deep-fried tubular pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta and often bits of citron, chocolate, or nuts.
[1940–45; < Italian, pl. of cannolo, derivative of canna reed, cane]
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From the dolce kitchen comes the decadent cannoli filled with caramel ice cream and almonds, satiating dessert lovers' bite after bite Paper Moon Doha is known as one of the best Italian restaurants in Doha.
The front part of the restaurant, glass fronted and light, revolves around the bar, which is cluttered with big glass jars full of cannoli.
So I took some cannoli with ricotta cheese, a creamy sweet dish wrapped in a pastry tube.
The dinner menu also includes desserts such as ice cream and cannoli pastries with ricotta cheese.
Although their sweet treats take centre stage, Cose Buone's specialities are two dishes native to their southern Italian home - arancini balls and cannoli.
LINE FROM A MOVIE "Leave the gun, take the cannoli.
A cannoli (or cannolo, if we aren't to incur the wrath of the plural police) and a wodge of lemon and pine-nut tart were merely pleasant.
Italy was the origin of Cannoli with various fillings.
com/cannoli-poll#from=i2zohp) Bertucci's in Northborough, Massachusetts to get a free cannoli Tuesday.
A 2004 Edgar nominee for Best Short Story, Shelley Costa is the author of A Killer's Guide to Good Works, Practical Sins for Cold Climates, You Cannoli Die Once (Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel) and Basil Instinct.
Known for being a family-oriented restaurant, Walnut Grove's menu includes its 'cannonut' - a cannoli and doughnut hybrid - and its signature rainbow cake, as well as sweet and savoury sharing platters, burgers, pastas and salads.
Tale of the tap Abby Lee MILLER Age 49 Born Pittsburgh Style Dolce & Gabbana Favourite outfit Pink feather boa, bling-encrusted tops Favourite transport Cadillac Favourite food Cannoli from Moio's bakery, Pittsburgh Favourite accessory Diamonds Handbag Must be designer Favourite drink Champagne Worst behaviour Threw a chair at a pupil ANNA MARIE McPHEE Age 44 Born Clydebank Style Primark Favourite outfit Black leggings, baggy T-shirt Favourite transport McGill's buses Favourite food Greggs pies Favourite accessory Tattoos Handbag Tesco bag for life Favourite drink Irn-Bru Worst behaviour Screaming "It's my way or the highway