cannon ball

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also cannon ball (kăn′ən-bôl′)
1. A round projectile fired from a cannon.
2. A jump into water made with the arms grasping the upraised knees, usually intended to make a big splash.
3. Something, such as a fast train, that moves with great speed.
4. Sports A fast low serve in tennis.
intr.v. can·non·balled, can·non·ball·ing, can·non·balls
1. To travel with great speed.
2. To jump into water while grasping one's upraised knees with one's arms.
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Noun1.cannon ball - a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannoncannon ball - a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon
projectile, missile - a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled
References in classic literature ?
Again a head shot swiftly out, and the great Lion went rolling down the hill as if he had been struck by a cannon ball.
They have brought cannon balls, broken ramrods, fragments of shell--iron enough to freight a sloop.
Well," said he, "I hardly know; we always liked to hear the trumpet sound, and to be called out, and were impatient to start off, though sometimes we had to stand for hours, waiting for the word of command; and when the word was given we used to spring forward as gayly and eagerly as if there were no cannon balls, bayonets, or bullets.
Heitkamp has long fought for more federal resources to construct a new elementary school in Cannon Ball.
They had found a cannon ball, a cobbled surface, a variety of masonry work, pieces of medieval pottery and part of a cooking pot.
He experimented with projectiles and had success with a method that caused the cannon ball to spin, which helped to stabilise its trajectory.
That was how Detroit Free Press writer Barbara Stanton described the lawyer taking on the Norfolk and Western Railroad in an effort to keep the Wabash Cannon Ball train operational in 1969.
With people of the present day also linking that vision to the Dakota Access pipeline in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, Jackson's account of the great medicine man's life, legacy, and spiritual journey is especially timely.
Protesters demonstrate near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in Cannon Ball, N.
The Standing Rock Sioux, whose tribal lands are a half-mile south of the proposed route, say the pipeline would desecrate sacred burial and prayer sites, and could leak oil into the Missouri and Cannon Ball rivers, on which the tribe relies for water.
The cannon ball was found and given to us a few weeks ago," she said.
Critique: Since the era of the Cannon Ball Run movies, transcontinental race stories have been enduringly popular.