cannon fire

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Noun1.cannon fire - fire delivered by artillerycannon fire - fire delivered by artillery    
firing, fire - the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy; "hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes"; "they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire"
cannonade, drumfire - intense and continuous artillery fire
high-angle fire - fire from a cannon that is fired at an elevation greater than that for the maximum range
mortar fire - artillery fire delivered by a mortar
zone fire - artillery or mortar fire delivered in a constant direction at several quadrant elevations
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Between it and the city was no semblance of breastwork or other protection against rifle or cannon fire; yet distinctly now in the light of the rising sun Carthoris could see many figures moving along the summit of the high wall, and upon the roof tops beyond.
The last cannon fire we will hear is for the Eid celebration," said Ameena Al Hammadi, the cultural guide who accompanied the guests throughout the evening.
In Bahrain, specifically in Manama, people gather with their children to watch the cannon fire every day.
He said those who witness the cannon fire are keen to document the moments by taking commemorative photographs with the cannon and the armed forces personnel who manage it.
We would take a piece of wood and hit the water tank and family would think it was the cannon fire and start ending their fast five minutes earlier.
From around 10am, a dramatic cannon fire demonstration will get underway in a huge live battle on the Menai Strait.
THE Battle Proms return to Ragley Hall next month with a heady mix of sublime classical music, carefully choreographed Spitfire and cavalry displays, dramatic cannon fire and a stunning firework finale.
Cannon fire in Muharraq and near Riffa will signal the beginning of Ramadan, as well as the end of fasting during the holy month.
The text is a thoughtful history of the use, sale, and regulation of firecrackers (which initially became popular as a replacement for more dangerous celebrations of gun and cannon fire) throughout American history.
Thousands of visitors flocked to the waterfront to watch displays of sword fighting, musketry and cannon fire, shanties and storytelling in the return of the popular festival.