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n. pl. cannon or can·nons
1. A large mounted weapon that fires heavy projectiles. Cannon include guns, howitzers, and mortars.
2. The loop at the top of a bell by which it is hung.
3. A round bit for a horse.
4. Zoology The section of the lower leg in some hoofed mammals between the hock or knee and the fetlock, containing the cannon bone.
5. Chiefly British A carom made in billiards.
v. can·noned, can·non·ing, can·nons
1. To bombard with cannon.
2. Chiefly British To cause to carom in billiards.
1. To fire cannon.
2. Chiefly British To make a carom in billiards.

[Middle English canon, from Old French, from Old Italian cannone, augmentative of canna, tube, from Latin, reed; see cane.]
References in classic literature ?
Kim ducked under a Mewar camel-driver's greasy armpit and cannoned off a covey of jabbering Sikh matrons.
For, at the end of his lesson, seizing his trusty stick and coming out with his habitual vivacity, he very nearly cannoned just outside the drawing-room door into the back of Miss de Barral's governess.
As I came out again, I cannoned into a little man who was just entering.