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also can·u·late (kăn′yə-lāt′)
tr.v. can·nu·lat·ed, can·nu·lat·ing, can·nu·lates or can·u·lat·ed or can·u·lat·ing or can·u·lates
To insert a cannula into (a bodily cavity, duct, or vessel), as for the drainage of fluid or the administration of medication.
Tubular; hollow.

can′nu·la′tion n.
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The system delivers intraoperative flexibility by offering solid and cannulated implants with diameters ranging from O1.
The system delivers intra-operative flexibility by offering solid and cannulated implants with diameters ranging from O1.
They transferred Eleanor straight into the ambulance, irrigated her eye and cannulated her to give her the medication she required, before taking her to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.
0mm Polyaxial Screws (non-cannulated, cannulated and reduction) for MIS, Mini-Open and Open cases in 30mm-100mm lengths, while maintaining all of the same instrument compatibilities to the implant.
Objective: We wanted to analyze the factors affecting the results of multiple cannulated screws fixation in patients less than 60 years old with femoral neck fracture (FNF).
This high throughput system processes two complete sets of Xi[R] series instruments in 15 minutes, and up to 36 cannulated instruments in 13 minutes.
Through lateral approach fracture fixation was done with two cannulated Cancellous screws under Image intensifier.
After confirmed by X-ray that guiding wires crossed the fracture line and penetrated into the subchondral bone of the femoral head, implanted the cannulated screws for internal fixation with the help of guiding wires.
has received CE Mark approval for the commercial sale of its antimicrobial OrthoFuzIon Cannulated Bone Screw System for orthopedic reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) procedures in the European Union.
All screws are color-coded according to their diameter, cannulated, fenestrated, self-cutting and self-drilling.
In this technique we have utilized the principle of tension band wiring over a cannulated cancellous screw by transosseous route with full restoration of intra articular anatomy.
INTERNAL FIXATION DEVICES Reconstructive foot surgery now uses a variety of devices for precision and strength, including cannulated screws that can slide down a wire to an exact location; headless screws, which can be made flush with the bone; and plates that are each designed to fit a specific joint in the foot.