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Noun1.cannulization - the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ
intromission, insertion, introduction - the act of putting one thing into another
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, cannulization
n. canulación, acto de introducir una cánula a través de un vaso o conducto;
aortic ______ aórtica.
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Anderson and colleagues (1999) reported that out of 53 surveyed PAs, 35% routinely perform femoral cannulization and 5.7% performed internal jugular/subclavian vein cannulizations.
A similar analysis would apply to cannulization of the patient prior to death so that cold perfusion to preserve organs after death has been pronounced can be administered rapidly.
The direct care responsibilities are characterized by medically delegated psychomotor skills such as femoral or jugular cannulization or Papanicolaou (PAP) smears, and by the writing of medical orders.