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A light, slender, usually open boat that has pointed ends and is propelled by paddles.
v. ca·noed, ca·noe·ing, ca·noes
To carry or send by canoe.
To travel in or propel a canoe.

[French canoe and Spanish canoa (French, from Spanish), of Cariban origin.]

ca·noe′ist n.
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Noun1.canoeist - someone paddling a canoecanoeist - someone paddling a canoe    
boatman, waterman, boater - someone who drives or rides in a boat
سائقُ زَوْرَقِ مَجاذيف


[kəˈnuːɪst] Npiragüista mf


nKanufahrer(in) m(f), → Kanute m, → Kanutin f


[kəˈnuːɪst] ncanoista m/f, canottiere m


(kəˈnuː) noun
a light narrow boat driven by a paddle or paddles.
to travel by canoe. He canoed over the rapids.
caˈnoeist noun
References in classic literature ?
When he had shoveled the mold full of sand, and reached for the pounder to pound it with, it was after the manner of a canoeist running rapids and seizing a pole at sight of a submerged rock.
Canoeist David, 26, became the first Scot to land a medal for Team GB at the Olympics in Beijing with his silver in the men's singles slalom.
A MEDICAL student came to the rescue of a canoeist who suffered a suspected heart attack and cardiac arrest in Stratford on Wednesday night.
But canoeist Stuart Clark, 66, said there was "no way" his group was involved in the "shocking" theft.
EMERGENCY services launched a dramatic rescue operation yesterday when a canoeist ran into difficulty in the River Mersey.
A canoeist has died after suffering serious injuries.
A canoeist who helped at the scene posted a message on social media saying they were unable to find the lost boat.
The canoeist, who won the C2 slalom in London alongside Etienne Stott, has teamed up with the BBC to launch their bid to find and honour individuals from grassroots sport.
It would have been a very difficult spot to reach the canoeist.
A TEENAGE canoeist had to be rescued from a river after she became trapped.
A CANOEIST was fighting for his life last night after he became trapped in a weir on a river.
A Canoeist's Sketchbook is an anthology of canoeing essays written by a dedicated canoeist, covering topics that range from exploring the wilderness, to the joy of paddling, to practical advice for canoeing and camping in remote locations.