n.1.One who uses a canoe; one who travels in a canoe.
Cabins and clearing greeted the eye of the passing canoeman.
- Parkman.
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But any plans the canoeman may have to profit from his fake death scam could soon be halted.
William and Saskatchewan served the HBC at several posts, mostly in present day Alberta: 1792-1800, steersman and canoe builder at Buckingham House (near Elk Point); 1810-12, 1820-21, Master at Acton House (near present day Rocky Mountain House); 1812-13, Master at Little White Earth House (near present day Smoky Lake); 1814-20, Master and canoe builder at Edmonton House (Fort Edmonton); 1821-22 Master and canoeman at Rocky Mountain House; 1822-23 Master and canoeman at Edmonton House.