n.1.A small cañon.
2.A narrow passage or lane through chaparral or a forest.
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In case these sacred instruments failed, Duran requested a canoncito (little cannon) to convince the fugitives to return to the mission.
We humans plan for us," said Leon Secataro, a man of Canoncito Navaho heritage, "and we never really consider the animals and the plants, although they are essential for our survival.
By April, downlink sites came online for the Mescalero Apache, Southern Ute, and Canoncito Chapter of Navajo.
Canoncito, NM 87026 800-808-8310 LEE HENDERSON JOHNSON HENDERSON HOUSE B&B 1544 Atcheson St.
Not only will WRT be treating the water under the 10-year contract with the Canoncito Water Association, but it will also be responsible for the environmentally safe handling and removal of the radium media from the treatment site to a licensed facility, preventing future contamination in the area.
project manager at Souder, Miller & Associates, an engineering and consulting firm that works with the Canoncito Water Association.
Tuckahoe Family Branch, YMCA of Greater Richmond Richmond, Virginia Children's Garden Williamson County and Cities Health District Round Rock, Texas To'Hajiilee Behavioral Health System--Traditional Navajo Nutrition and Fitness Program Canoncito Band of Navajos To'Hajiilee, New Mexico Way to Go Kids