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A person specializing in canon law.

can′on·is′tic, can′on·is′ti·cal adj.


relating to or belonging to a canonist
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Recently scholars have taken such a view more seriously, and a number of studies have sought Roman or canonistic influences on English law.").
Canonistic literature, as Sackville reveals, offers another perspective.
Reid, Jr., The Canonistic Contribution to the Western Rights Tradition: An Historical Inquiry, 33 B.C.L.
A few areas in which the amount of material is overwhelming are left out--commentaries on Aristotle; on medical, legal, and canonistic works; on the Bible; and on medieval Latin authors--as are scattered, anonymous glosses and miscellaneous observations on various ancient writers.
from the more canonistic, dogmatic genre of previous councils, adopting
Finally, she propounds a theory of subjective natural rights developed from scholastic and canonistic sources that she believes can be used as the foundation for a theoretical defense of modern human rights.
While the fruit of such transformation is apparent from the twelfth century, this reviewer craved more direct causal explanation (especially in canonistic terms) between the Gregorian reform era of the late eleventh century and Brodman's professed innovations in caritative institutions.
Reid, Jr., Toward an Understanding of Medieval Universal Rights: The Marital Rights of Non-Christians in Early Scholastic and Canonistic Writings, 3 AVE MARIA L.
900-1140"; 2) "The Formation of Canonistic Theory: Authors and Texts, ca.