canopic jar

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Canopic jar

(kəˈnəʊpɪk) ,

Canopic urn


Canopic vase

(Archaeology) (in ancient Egypt) one of four containers with tops in the form of animal heads of the gods, for holding the entrails of a mummy


(or Ca•no′pic) jar′

(kəˈnoʊ pɪk, -ˈnɒp ɪk)
a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain the entrails of an embalmed body.
[1890–95; < Latin Canōpicus of Canopus]
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Noun1.canopic jar - a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed bodycanopic jar - a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed body
jar - a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
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Not forgetting the jewellers, canopic jar potters and miniature furniture joiners.
The mysterious hieroglyphs on the canopic jar in the Discovery Gallery are actually fake.
18) Finally there is the alabaster canopic jar (19) from Egypt that would have contained the intestines of the deceased removed during the mummification process.
The Canopic jar - a type of covered urn - dating from 1,400BC, was opened by archaeologists at Birmingham University and its contents sent to pathologists at a nearby hospital for tests.
5 -- color) Canopic jar and lid, Thebes, Valley of the Kings, 1353-1336 B.
The canopic jar needs to be thick and sturdy, so more layers of newspaper strips are applied to the base.
The other, also in near-perfect condition, depicts a priest of Isis enveloped in a flowing mantle and holding a canopic jar.
The tribesman was buried in a cave with his heart in a canopic jar.
Then I share information about mummification and discuss the purpose of the canopic jar.
The showcased artefacts include a collection of several shapes and sizes of clay pots and canopic jars, as well as coins, statues, tombstones, offering tables, and jewellery.