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"Hurrah!" cried the three hundred voices again, but instead of the band a choir began singing a cantata composed by Paul Ivanovich Kutuzov:
Salmon performed the Battle of Borodino (a savage cantata against the Corsican upstart, who had lately met with his Russian reverses)--Mr.
Bartig also examines the relationship between Prokofiev's film score and the cantata created from it.
At the Wales Festival of Remembrance at St David's Hall, Cardiff on Saturday, November 3, the children will perform the Armistice Cantata which they wrote the lyrics for, set to music by composers from the war period.
DW: 33 cantatas in 48 hours: Why did you choose this major cantata cycle for the festival's opening weekend?
The concert,supported bythe Lithuanian music and art academy assistant Yudita Leitaite and director of the Balys Dvarionas Music School Laimute Ujkuraitiene featured works by Gara Garayev, including music pieces "Little Story", "Stubborn Thoughts", "Mountains", "Forgotten Waltz", "Little Waltz", "Pavana", sonata, suit and cantata for violin and piano and other works.
The newest addition to Cantata learning's outstanding 'Classic Fable in Rhythm and Rhyme' series, "The Fox and the Grapes" is the story of a hungry fox wants some juicy grapes.
10, a 55-voice cantata choir and 11-piece chamber orchestra will present Scott Stevensons "Signs of Christmas" at 9 and 10:30 a.m.
Aberfan: Cantata Memoria S4C, 9.30pm Roedd yr ymateb yn dilyn darllediad cyntaf y gwaith newydd gan Syr Karl Jenkins a Mererid Hopwood yn syfrdanol, a dyma gyfle arall i weld y perfformiad gwefreiddiol yma ar lwyfan Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru.
Aberfan.: CANTATA "I suppose one reason the intensity of feeling in Wales was so overwhelming is that it is such a small country," says Sir Karl Jenkins, who was a 22 year old student at the Royal Academy of Music, London at the time.
performance of Cantata Criolla on Saturday at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts will start at 7 p.m.
JS Bach's Cantata 192 and part of his Ascension Cantata will also feature.