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1. A smooth three-beat gait of a horse that is slower than a gallop but faster than a trot, in which the feet touch the ground in the three-beat sequence of near hind foot, off hind foot and near front foot, off front foot.
2. A ride on a horse moving with this gait.
v. can·tered, can·ter·ing, can·ters
To go or move at a canter.
To cause (a horse) to go at a canter.

[Ultimately from phrases such as Canterbury gallop, after CanterburyEngland, toward which pilgrims rode at an easy pace.]
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Adj.1.cantering - riding at a gait between a trot and a gallop; "the cantering soldiers"
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I say 'we,' for I am certain that I accompanied them though how I managed to keep up with a cantering lion I am wholly unable to explain.
They quickly provided themselves with a deer and made great preparations to cook it over a small fire, when a little dust was seen blowing along the highway, and out of it came the portly Bishop cantering along with ten men-at-arms at his heels.
Florid, with white hair, the face of an old Jupiter, and the figure of an old fox-hunter, he enlivened the vale of Thyme from end to end on his big, cantering chestnut.
FIVE-TIME Group 1 winner Enable is back cantering as she builds up to an autumn return, which is planned to culminate in another crack at the Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, a race she landed in emphatic fashion a year ago.
BY DAVID YATES SIRE DE GRUGY will resume cantering on Monday as the Queen Mother Champion Chase hero works his way back from injury towards a title defence at Cheltenham in March.
The six-year-old is already cantering and McCain is looking to introduce Peddlers Cross to chasing in public at the Welsh track, where he has enjoyed plenty of success.
'We will make a decision on Cheltenham next week after he starts back cantering,' Nolan said.