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n.1.(Surg.) The operation of forming a new canthus, when one has been destroyed by injury or disease.
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Computed tomography is commonly used to further evaluate the orbits as it is often immediately available unlike magnetic resonance imaging which often cannot be obtained in a timely manner.[30] Lateral canthotomy is regarded as a first-line intervention for decompression of the orbit in OCS,[31] and preferably, it should be performed within an hour or 2 h as it was suggested by some authors.[28],[29] Immediate lateral canthotomy and inferior cantholysis are recommended to prevent visual loss owing to optic nerve compression in OCS.
An emergent lateral canthotomy and inferior and superior cantholysis was performed at the bedside.
Eyelid reconstructive technique included various procedures like direct closure for defects measuring less than 25%, direct closure with lateral canthotomy and cantholysis for defects measuring slightly larger than 25%, Tenzel semicircular rotational flap for defects up to 2/3rd of upper or lower lid width.
As a general principle, reconstruction in eyelid defects is described based on the size of the defect, i.e., as lateral cantholysis or as primary repair without cantholysis in cases with <50% tissue loss and tarsoconjunctival flap and graft in cases which tissue loss is more than 50%.
Eyelid defects that span more than one-fourth of the eyelid width cannot be closed directly, with or without cantholysis, and require a more complicated reconstructive approach [5].
Orbital hematoma is oftentimes obvious to recognize on physical examination by rapid unilateral orbital swelling and thus is easily treated with decompression (i.e., lateral canthotomy and cantholysis).
The patient was also found to have an elevated ocular pressure, so she agreed to canthotomy and cantholysis to lower it.
There is dark thickening typical of a cantholysis Neighbor can't.
The treatment in case of orbital emphysema accompanied by increasing symptoms (especially deterioration of vision) should include one of the procedures: lateral canthotomy, inferior and/or superior cantholysis, orbital decompression, or simple puncture of the air vessel which may prevent the patient from blindness [11, 12, 15, 19].
Wide excision of the lesion along with lid margin and lid reconstruction with direct closure a lateral cantholysis was done.
If there is any sign of deterioration of vision, surgical exploration of the wound, cantholysis, and orbital decompression should be undertaken.
Lateral cantholysis and placement of near-far, far-near sutures may be necessary to minimize horizontal tension8.