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 (kăn′tən, -tŏn′)
a. A small territorial division of a country, especially one of the states of Switzerland.
b. A subdivision of an arrondissement in France.
2. Heraldry A small, square division of a shield, usually in the upper right corner.
3. A usually rectangular division of a flag, occupying the upper corner next to the staff.

[French, from Old French, from Old Italian cantone, augmentative of canto, corner, from Vulgar Latin *cantus; see cant1.]

can′ton·al (kăn′tə-nəl, kăn-tŏn′əl) adj.


1. A city of northeast Ohio south-southeast of Akron. It was the home of President William McKinley.
2. (kăn′tŏn′, kăn′tŏn′) See Guangzhou.
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Adj.1.cantonal - of or relating to a canton


[ˈkæntənl] ADJcantonal
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President of HDZ 1990, Ilija Cvitanovic,in Mostar on Tuesday expressed full support to the demands of the Health Care Trade Union in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton ) finding the stand of the cantonal Government on the issue as disastrous.
Invitation to tender: Cantonal hospital lucerne structural adaptations radiology (nuk + neuroradiologie)
Quelque 1,1 million de dinars a ete alloue pour l'extension du Tribunal de premiere instance de Kebili et un terrain jouxtant cette juridiction a ete reserve pour la construction du nouveau siege du Tribunal cantonal de Kebili, a annonce lundi 05 mars 2018 le ministre de la Justice, Ghazi Jeribi, a l'occasion de l'inauguration du tribunal cantonal de Douz El-Faouar.
The Canton guarantees all of ZKB's non-subordinated liabilities according to a specific cantonal law (ZKB Law).
Global Banking News-July 5, 2017--Swiss Finance & Property Group hires banker from Banque Cantonal Vaudoise
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 27, 2017-Swiss Cantonal Bank gets NCR SelfServ ATMs
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 27, 2017-Swiss Cantonal Bank gets NCR SelfServ ATMs
The school, which amid the uproar had turned to the cantonal authorities for guidance, said it was "relieved" at Wednesday's ruling.
Greater efforts have been made to raise awareness among, and provide better training to the cantonal police, Border Guard Corps and consular services.
Le rappeur Weld 15 comparaitra, demain jeudi 5 decembre 2013 devant le tribunal cantonal de Hamammet pour etre juge dans l'affaire de la chanson controversee sur les policiers interpretee lors de son concert du 22 aout a Hammamet, les traitant de chiens.
The incentives offered to them, including special cantonal tax rates on foreign revenue, have been a cause of friction with the European Union.
The Justice Department wanted a scalp to send a message to all the other banks, in particular the small cantonal and private banks," said Christopher Rizek, a tax lawyer at Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, and a senior former Treasury Department tax official.