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Noun1.canulation - the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ
intromission, insertion, introduction - the act of putting one thing into another
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Blood flow increases to a level that provides an adequate delivery to the dialysis machine; the vessel increases in diameter to accommodate canulation and the vessel wall thickens to permit repeated canulation.
Dans la rubrique Practice Corner (Place a la pratique), nous examinons plus en detail la canulation echoguidee a l'aide d'un modele de simulation (fantome).
Subintimal passage of a hydrophilic wire was followed by direct catheter canulation of the left internal iliac artery.
Just today for example I spent a couple of hours on the pain round, some time getting ready for the canulation program, I taught all afternoon, and the time in between being on one of the wards, I gently reminded staff about the '5 moments for hand hygiene' before they move to the auditing stage of the process.