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 (kăn-zō′nē, känt-sō′nĕ)
n. pl. can·zo·nes (-nēz, -nāz) or can·zo·ni (-nē)
1. A medieval Italian or Provençal lyric of varying stanzaic form, usually with a concluding envoy.
2. A polyphonic song evolving from this form of poetry and resembling the madrigal in style.

[Italian, from Latin cantiō, cantiōn-, song, from cantus, past particple of canere, to sing; see kan- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
1. (Poetry) a Provençal or Italian lyric, often in praise of love or beauty
2. (Music, other)
a. a song, usually of a lyrical nature
b. (in 16th-century choral music) a polyphonic song from which the madrigal developed
[C16: from Italian: song, from Latin cantiō, from canere to sing]


(kænˈzoʊ ni; It. kɑnˈtsɔ nɛ)

n., pl. -nes, -ni (-ni)
a variety of lyric poetry in the Italian style, of Provençal origin, that closely resembles the madrigal.
[1580–90; < Italian < Latin cantiōnem, acc. singular of cantiō song]
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He returns to the stage with his brand-new show Canzoni d'Amore.
Meglio, piuttosto, concentrarsi sulla canzone in se, e aprire nuove possibilita d'ascolto alla canzone d'autore anche per chi, ed e senza vergogna che mi includo in questa categoria, e cresciuto tra un concerto di Francesco Guccini e un disco di Claudio Lolli e ancora rimastica quotidianamente le canzoni di quando aveva diciotto anni.
Non e un concerto" Canzoni fra storia e memoria 01:25-36) e neppure seduta a un tavolo ("potreste pensare che faccio una conferenza.
Le canzoni fanno furore, soprattutto fra i giovani, e identificano stili di vita.
The Convivio, which Dante was probably writing at the same time he was working on De Vulgari Eloquentia, is composed of parts called canzoni, each of which comprises several lines of verse and is followed by a commentary explaining its meaning.
1) Il numero di componimenti si riferisce alla terza edizione del Canzoniere, uscita postuma nel 1548 e comprendente 147 sonetti, 7 canzoni, 5 ballate, 3 madrigali, una sestina, un capitolo e uno strabotto.
Her contribution to this particular collection is a stunning performance of Quattro Canzoni by Werner Egk (1901-1983), an imaginative German composer whose music deserves far wider hearing.
Other special prizes will include the TV Sorris e Canzoni Award, which will recognize excellence in Italian TV drama.
Le canzoni appassionano tanto perche oltre ad avere una voce, contengono forme, corpi musicali.
Earlier, Italian magazine Sorrisi e Canzoni had quoted director David Yates as saying that the actor would go nude for a love scene in the film 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1'.
We could go further today and say that such a centre probably existed even earlier, maybe as early as 1180, as suggested by Alfredo Stussi's work on the 'canzone ravennate' and more recently by Claudio Vela and others who have studied fragments of very early vernacular canzoni, with musical notation, discovered at Piacenza (see Vela's study 'Nuovi versi d'amore delle origini con notazione musicale in un frammento piacentino', in Tracce di una tradizione sommersa: i primi testi lirici italiani tra poesia e musica, ed.
Italian magazine TV Sorrisi E Canzoni reported the insult in an interview with Materazzi, which comes out Monday.