cap off

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Verb1.cap off - finish or complete, as with some decisive action; "he capped off the meeting with a radical proposal"
finish off, finish up, get through, polish off, wrap up, clear up, mop up - finish a task completely; "I finally got through this homework assignment"
References in classic literature ?
'Pull that cap off your eyes, and hold up your head, sir.'
Couldn't you knock her cap off, or her tooth out, or scratch her, or do something or other to her?' asked Bounderby.
'Mr Clennam,' returned the other, rising, taking his cap off in the flat of his hand, and so holding it, ready to put on again, 'you do me honour.
When I saw him last, he took his cap off, took out the little bundle of old letters, hung his cap on the back of the chair--his coat was there already, for he had pulled that off before he went to put the shutters up--and I left him turning the letters over in his hand, standing just where that crumbled black thing is upon the floor."
O!" Here my sister, after a fit of clappings and screamings, beat her hands upon her bosom and upon her knees, and threw her cap off, and pulled her hair down - which were the last stages on her road to frenzy.
We should not grieve, should we, baby?" said Celia confidentially to that unconscious centre and poise of the world, who had the most remarkable fists all complete even to the nails, and hair enough, really, when you took his cap off, to make--you didn't know what:-- in short, he was Bouddha in a Western form.
"We had a good deal to do with that girl first and last," he explained solemnly; then getting up as if moved by a spring he snatched his cap off the table.
'You are a good young man; I noticed how at- tentive you are to John--to Captain--' The train pulled out suddenly; I took my cap off to the old woman: I never saw her again.
Carey, instead of doing a round kick delivered a high note popping the cap off the bottle.
A send-off ceremony with the customary Passing Exercise (PASSEX) will cap off the Japanese navy's visit on Sunday.
Their remarkable run also saw them climb to second in the world rankings, and they have now been recognised with the Team of the Year gong to cap off an unforgettable year.
The analyst expects "firm" August sales, with core comps up 5%-6%, to cap off a "solid" fiscal Q4 for the company.