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1. Symbol C
a. The ratio of charge to potential on an electrically charged, isolated conductor.
b. The ratio of the electric charge transferred from one to the other of a pair of conductors to the resulting potential difference between them.
a. The property of a circuit element that permits it to store charge.
b. The part of the circuit exhibiting capacitance.

ca·pac′i·tive (-tĭv) adj.
ca·pac′i·tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.capacitive - of or relating to capacitance
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The new stylus will require a capacitive screen for the device to recognize the commands given via the stylus that will be different from the commands given by the user's finger.
Fingerprint sensors using capacitive technology represent a fast growing market, especially in smartphones.
5 Full Touch Capacitive screen with screen resolution of 480 x 854, rear camera of 5.
has shipped its one billionth CapSense capacitive touch-sensing controller.
The H-86: Capacitive HeadPointer is a headwand and stylus for tablet computer and touchscreen designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities.
com)-- Capacitive sensors are devices that enable the measurement of the position of a conductive or nonconductive surface.
It does work, though, with other capacitive touchscreen devices, such as the Acer Iconia, below.
In order to minimize skew, it is imperative that line lengths and capacitive loading be matched within the signal pairs and then compared to skew between other pairs to minimize the signal pair to pair skew.
Molex Incorporated will showcase their customized capacitive fluid-level sensors, a low-cost measuring solution with disposable sensors and reusable electronic circuitry, at Molex booth #1983 at MD&M West Show, February 12-14, Anaheim Convention Center, CA.
18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Projected Capacitive Touch Controller IC in US$ Million.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Capacitive Sensors in US$ Thousand by the following Application Segments: Touch Sensors; Position Sensors; Flow, Level, and Pressure Sensors; and Motion Sensors.