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cape 1

1. A sleeveless outer garment fastened at the throat and worn hanging over the shoulders.
2. A brightly colored cloth used in maneuvering the bull in a bullfight; a capote or muleta.
tr.v. caped, cap·ing, capes
To maneuver (the bull) by means of a cape in a bullfight.

[Middle French cape, from Spanish capa (from Late Latin cappa).]

cape 2

n. Abbr. C.
A point or head of land projecting into a body of water.

[Middle English cap, from Old French, from Old Provençal, from Latin caput, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]


 (kāp) or Cape of
For names of actual capes, see the specific element of the names; for example, Hatteras, Cape; Good Hope, Cape of. Other geographic names beginning with Cape are entered under Cape; for example, Cape Town, South Africa; Cape York Peninsula.


wearing a cape
References in classic literature ?
I used to imagine that the ,nobles' of whom Antonia was always talking probably looked very much like Christian Harling, wore caped overcoats like his, and just such a glittering diamond upon the little finger.
He had been where there was red of blood and black of passion, and he was es- caped.
On rice and fish," I interrupted smartly, gig gling with the sheer nervousness of a danger es caped.
I suppose I looked like a man who had es- caped a den of wild beasts, and barely escaped them.
A], January 10 ( ANI ): While Ben Affleck's future in the DC Extended Universe as the caped crusader is still uncertain, there have been rumours swirling on who will replace him.
Through the funding, UNESCO's CapED Programme will be able to support the implementation of SDG4 through a pilot programme in 10 countries.
As a result, the Caped Crusader (Ben Affleck) makes it his mission to bring down the man in the sky, despite dark warnings from his loyal butler, Alfred (Jeremy Irons).
Zack Synder's movie, a direct sequel to his 2013 Superman flick Man Of Steel, is packed with stunning action set pieces, from toppling tower blocks to the Caped Crusader gunning through the streets in his Batmobile, and a terrific early scene where Superman rescues his girlfriend, Lois Lane (Amy Adams), from terrorists in the Sahara.
The book is divided into Parts with a fascinating introduction to the comic strips that follow--Part I: The Dynamic Duo; Part II:The Caped Crusader; Part III: Creature of the Night; Part IV: The Dark Knight; and Part V: Rebirth.
CAPED CRUSADER: Christian Bale is on a mission in The Dark Knight Rises, RTE, 9.
The caped crusader is using the light side colour of a blue lightsaber while the dark lord of the Sith is using his trade mark red lightsaber.
Gotham sees a |young Detective James Gordon, front (Ben McKenzie), and partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) dealing with the city's criminals long before the Caped Crusader