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cape 1

1. A sleeveless outer garment fastened at the throat and worn hanging over the shoulders.
2. A brightly colored cloth used in maneuvering the bull in a bullfight; a capote or muleta.
tr.v. caped, cap·ing, capes
To maneuver (the bull) by means of a cape in a bullfight.

[Middle French cape, from Spanish capa (from Late Latin cappa).]

cape 2

n. Abbr. C.
A point or head of land projecting into a body of water.

[Middle English cap, from Old French, from Old Provençal, from Latin caput, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]


 (kāp) or Cape of
For names of actual capes, see the specific element of the names; for example, Hatteras, Cape; Good Hope, Cape of. Other geographic names beginning with Cape are entered under Cape; for example, Cape Town, South Africa; Cape York Peninsula.
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wearing a cape
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References in classic literature ?
I used to imagine that the ,nobles' of whom Antonia was always talking probably looked very much like Christian Harling, wore caped overcoats like his, and just such a glittering diamond upon the little finger.
He had been where there was red of blood and black of passion, and he was es- caped. His first thoughts were given to rejoic- ings at this fact.
"On rice and fish," I interrupted smartly, gig gling with the sheer nervousness of a danger es caped.
I suppose I looked like a man who had es- caped a den of wild beasts, and barely escaped them.
The film strikes a pleasing balance between eye-popping spectacle and emotional angst, with 45 minutes on Bruce's childhood traumas before the Caped Crusader makes his first appearance.
@nanananicole employs other characters to express his feelings about Affleck being the Caped Crusader.
Kathryn Sutcliffe, who runs The Joke Shop in Kirkgate Market, told BBC Radio 5 Live that she sold a 1960s Caped Crusader costume to one customer.
And although Batman Begins is bound to propel his career into the stratosphere, the down-toearth star says he has no worries about forever being known as the Caped Crusader.
PULLING POWER: Bale roars up to meet his hot dates (below) in a powerful Lamborghini Murcielago roadster; CAPED CRUSADERS; ADAM WEST Batman No1; KEATON Batman No2; VAL KILMER Batman No3; CLOONEY Batman No4; Pictures:PUKKAPIX/BAKER-BRIDGER
The caped crusader evidently did not want his identity revealed, as he left the station without offering any personal identification.
However, Sheriff Robert "Caped Crusader" McCreadie has wasted his time and allowed Fowler to continue to break the law by his softly-softly approach for three years.