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 (kăp′ə-lĭn, kăp′lĭn) also cap·lin (kăp′lĭn)
A small marine fish (Mallotus villosus) of northern waters, closely related to the smelts and valued especially for its roe.

[Canadian French capelan, from French, codfish, from Old Provençal, from Medieval Latin cappelānus; see chaplain.]


(ˈkæpəlɪn) or


(Animals) a small marine food fish, Mallotus villosus, occurring in northern and Arctic seas: family Osmeridae (smelts)
[C17: from French capelan, from Old Provençal, literally: chaplain]


(ˈkæp ə lɪn)

a small food fish, Mallotus villosus, of North American coastal waters, related to the smelt.
[1610–20, Amer.; < Middle French capelan < Old Provençal: codfish, literally, chaplain]
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Noun1.capelin - very small northern fishcapelin - very small northern fish; forage for sea birds and marine mammals and other fishes
smelt - small trout-like silvery marine or freshwater food fishes of cold northern waters
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Twice in the past 20 years, the capelin population in the Barents Sea north of Norway and Russia abruptly crashed and then took years to recover.
According to a new statistical analysis, the varying fortunes of capelin can be best understood and managed by accounting for not only fishing of that plankton-consuming species but also factors that affect cod and herring.
On the basis of more than 2 decades of data from marine-research vessels, Stenseth and his colleagues developed equations that use factors such as cod and herring populations, fishing activity, and weather to predict capelin abundance from one year to the next.