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(kăp′ər-kāl′yē, -kā′lē) also cap·er·cail·zie (-kāl′zē)
A large grouse (Tetrao urogallus), native to northern Europe and having dark plumage and a fanlike tail. Also called wood grouse.

[Scottish Gaelic capull coille, literally, "horse of the forest," (in reference to its relatively large size) : capull, horse (from Middle Irish capall, from Old Irish, ultimately from Latin caballus; see cavalier) + coille, genitive of coille, forest (from Middle Irish (perhaps influenced by Middle Irish caílle, a kind of land division), from Old Irish).]
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(ˌkæpəˈkeɪljɪ) or


(Animals) a large European woodland grouse, Tetrao urogallus, having a black plumage and fan-shaped tail in the male
[C16: from Scottish Gaelic capull coille horse of the woods]
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(ˌkæp ərˈkeɪl yi)

also cap•er•cail•zie

(-ˈkeɪl zi)

a large grouse, Tetrao urogallus, of Eurasian forests.
[1530–40; by dissimilation < Scottish Gaelic capull coille, literally, horse of the woods]
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Noun1.capercaillie - large black Old World grousecapercaillie - large black Old World grouse  
grouse - popular game bird having a plump body and feathered legs and feet
genus Tetrao, Tetrao - type genus of the Tetraonidae: capercaillies
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divji petelin


[ˌkæpəˈkeɪlɪ] Nurogallo m
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, capercailzie
nAuerhahn m
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[ˌkæpəˈkeɪljɪ] ngallo cedrone, urogallo
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Evidence suggests that winter sports activities are putting capercaillie under stress, potentially affecting their fitness and ability to breed.
The 34-year-old, originally from Llangefni, is a ranger on the estate, which means he spends his days among the red deer, golden eagles and capercaillie that live there.
SCOTLAND'S largest bird, the capercaillie, is fighting back from the brink of extinction.
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The stone curlew, song thrush, cirl bunting, corncrake, capercaillie, bittern and tree sparrow are prominent among a group of ``red list'' birds whose populations have increased over the past 10 years.
It will host a music festival in August starring Steve Earle, Teenage Fanclub, Squeeze, Alison Moyet, Capercaillie and the Waterboys.
Also in the line-up of US, Canadian and British acts due to appear were award-winning nu-folk musician Jim Moray, Scottish supergroup Capercaillie and Northumberland band and Mercury Prize nominees The Unthanks.
Also, for black grouse and capercaillie, there were significant data bank-decade interactions, which meant that temporal changes for these two species differed according to data bank.