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1. Relating to or resembling a hair; fine and slender.
2. Having a very small internal diameter: a capillary tube.
3. Anatomy Of or relating to the capillaries.
4. Physics Of or relating to capillarity.
n. pl. cap·il·lar·ies
1. Anatomy One of the minute blood vessels that connect arterioles and venules. These blood vessels form an intricate network throughout the body for the interchange of various substances, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, between blood and tissue cells.
2. A tube with a very small internal diameter.

[From Latin capillāris, from capillus, hair.]


Microscopic blood vessels that link the arteries to the veins.
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Capillaries/fiber ratio was determined separately for type I and type II fibers by counting the number of capillaries around each individual fiber and then computing the mean.
Microscopic examination showed groups of capillaries of varying sizes in a lobular arrangement with bland spindle-like endothelial cells lining these capillary structures (Fig.
Pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis (PCH) is a rare cause of pulmonary hypertension characterized by extensive proliferation of pulmonary capillaries within alveolar septae.
Contract award: delivery lancets; blood collection tubes capillary; capillary blood gas sets, magnet holders mixing with the blood containers for transport racks of test tubes with screw cap, with the lid; a set of test urine sediment (tubes, cameras, pipettes); sets to thicken the stool; capillaries to coagulometr; tubes, containers, caps for tubes, 2-row racks, pipette tips; disposable plates for determination of blood groups, pipettes pastera; microscope slides, glass tubes, glass pipettes, measuring cylinders, beakers tall, flasks, pear rubber, bottles, containers, cylindrical); complete sets of cytology; stickers with bar codes, labels, self-adhesive tubes; reagents, controls and consumables needed to complete the 28,800 signs along with the lease analyzers: the main and backup.
Simple Selection method for capillaries derived from physical flow conditions.
Fewer than 2% of those with normal nailfold capillaries and no scleroderma-specific antibodies went on to develop definite scleroderma during 15-20 years, and the majority who did progress to scleroderma did so within the first year or two, noted Dr.
The Mylar minimizes risks associated with broken glass capillaries by containing both the glass and the sample in the event of accidental breakage.
Radiation-induced changes in capillaries constitute a basic injury in the pathogenesis of chronic radiation damage to the heart, lung, liver, kidney and brain.
Unlike the pools and pipes where hydrodynamics and thermodynamics behave their conventional rules, says Smirnov, inside capillaries and capillary-porous structures, fluid flow and heat and mass transfer at vaporization are shaped primarily by restricted spaces for nucleation, development, and motion of vapor phase elements.
Vascularity was determined for mammary tissue with the following measurements taken: the cross-sectional capillary area density (CAD, total capillary area as a proportion of tissue area), capillary number density (CND, total number of capillaries per unit of tissue area), and capillary surface density (CSD, total capillary circumference per unit of tissue area).
There are approximately 500 million alveoli in the lung separated by thin septae, which contain at a tightly laced network of blood capillaries.