capital of Azerbaijan

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Azerbaijan - a port city on the Caspian Sea that is the capital of Azerbaijan and an important center for oil production
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Republic, Azerbajdzhan, Azerbajdzhan Republic - a landlocked republic in southwestern Asia; formerly an Asian soviet
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Qureshi recalled that on the night between 19th and 20th January in 1990, the Soviet authorities ordered a full-scale military attack on Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
Dubai Flydubai, Dubai's first low-cost airline, made its inaugural flight to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, on Sunday.
Earlier this year, the first flight ever to China was inaugurated; there will be three weekly flights to Hong Kong and soon Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, will be added.
The proposed pipeline is to run some 1,800 kilometers from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, through Tbilisi and southeastern Turkey to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan.
Old photographs of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, show the shoreline much closer to the centre of the city.
Mobil opened a venture office in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in 1995 and in August 1997 signed a PSA for the Oguz offshore block.
Much in the same way that one year on, talk of temperatures and barren playing surfaces won't or win Deila much breathing space if this one goes wrong in the capital of Azerbaijan.
He will be one of the officials to accompany GE-l on his official visit to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on Thursday, and his new post will formally start with this visit.
Fairmont has opened an eye-catching new property in Baku, the emerging capital of Azerbaijan.
Russia and Iran say a marine pipeline from Turkmenistan to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, will have dangerous ecological effects on the Caspian Sea which is shared by five republics.
Summary: At least 13 people have been shot dead by "terrorists" in the capital of Azerbaijan.
27, KLM initiates its new Winter Schedule 1996/97 with the addition of three new destinations on its route network: San Juan on Puerto Rico, Bologna in Italy and Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.