capital of Guinea

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Guinea - a port and the capital of Guinea
French Guinea, Republic of Guinea, Guinea - a republic in western Africa on the Atlantic; formerly a French colony; achieved independence from France in 1958
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National Highway 1 connects Conakry, the capital of Guinea, with other inland cities in the nation as well as surrounding countries.
Growing up in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, Keita was nicknamed 'Deco' after the legendary Portuguese midfielder and he's become an icon in the West African country.
Keita was born in Conakry, the financial capital of Guinea.
This comes in the context of the joint cultural cooperation between Egypt and Guinea, as well as celebrating the recent opening of the new National Library in Conakry, capital of Guinea.
Emirates suspended services between Dubai and Conakry, the capital of Guinea, in April over Ebola concerns.
In Conakry, capital of Guinea, stray dogs, goats and sheep are plopping down next to empty stalls in street markets devoid of shoppers.
In Conakry -- capital of Guinea UNDP identified and mobilized its network of 2,500 young volunteers who are helping to prevent transmission of Ebola by distributing soap and chlorine, and teaching community members how to thoroughly wash hands and avoid contact with possible cases.
Meanwhile, Emirates took pre-emptive action by temporarily suspending its flights to Conakry, the capital of Guinea, last Saturday, adding in a statement that Emirates will be suspending its service to Conakry until further notice, due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Guinea.
CONAKRY (TAP) - At least 24 people have died in a stampede at a beach concert in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, to mark the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
It is to mention here that the OIC's Council of Foreign Ministers in a recent resolution in its 40th session in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, supported the efforts of the Government of Pakistan for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute.
The meeting was held on the sidelines of the 40th OIC foreign ministerial meeting in the capital of Guinea, Conakry, from December 9 to 11.
Speaking at a preparatory meeting of senior officials of the 40th session of OIC foreign ministers due in the capital of Guinea, Conakry, late this year, Ihsanoglu regretted lingering bloodshed in Syria, together with the continuing suffering and pains of the Syrian people as a result of the Syrian regime's insistence on the military option.