capital of Indiana

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Indiana - the capital and largest city of Indianacapital of Indiana - the capital and largest city of Indiana; a major commercial center in the country's heartland; site of an annual 500-mile automobile race
Hoosier State, Indiana, IN - a state in midwestern United States
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The capital of Indiana is the home of 500-mile petrolpumping, ozone-chomping yawn-fest the Indy 500 and that may have influenced Jan Morris's assessment in the Guardian, when the famous travel writer described it as the worst city she'd ever visited.
The 12th largest city in the nation and the capital of Indiana, the Circle City is the center of America's heartland.
With a new Argosy Casino set to open in mid-2009 that will nearly double its gaming space, the city's moniker may become Playground Capital of Indiana.