capital of Iowa

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Iowa - the capital and largest city in Iowacapital of Iowa - the capital and largest city in Iowa
Hawkeye State, IA, Iowa - a state in midwestern United States
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But this has not stopped the instinctive, self-taught Cambodian artist - who now lives in Des Moines, the state capital of Iowa in the US - from developing his talents over the years, from his roots in painting to his work now in the burgeoning world of digital animation.
The capital of Iowa still has a small-town, "Midwestern Nice" feel.
A St Mary's Hospital, London B 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair C Buckingham Palace D York Cottage, Sandringham QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: What is the state capital of Iowa? A Salem B Des Moines C Topeka D Bismarck QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Which was Ellie Goulding's first single to reach UK No 1?