capital of Norway

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Norway - the capital and largest city of Norwaycapital of Norway - the capital and largest city of Norway; the country's main port; located at the head of a fjord on Norway's southern coast
Kingdom of Norway, Noreg, Norge, Norway - a constitutional monarchy in northern Europe on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula; achieved independence from Sweden in 1905
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The UAE delegation started off with a visit to the Capital of Norway Oslo, during which the Ministry of Finance (MoF), signed an agreement on the exchange of information for tax purposes.
What: The Bergen Line, connecting the capital of Norway to Bergen, is the highest railway line in all of Europe.
As the oil and gas capital of Norway, and one of the world s leading energy cities, we focus on improving our relations and our connectivity to the Middle East.
A third person, who was injured, has been taken to a hospital in Oslo, capital of Norway, from the site of the crash near Sollihoegda, said the report, Xinhua reported.
Most cities have too much garbage, but Oslo, the capital of Norway, is running low.
W FLETCHER, LIVERPOOL ACROSS DOWN 1 Ice cream topped with sauce, nuts etc (6) 3 Lowest singing voice (4) 7 Intense anger (4) 8 University qualification (6) 10 Sports official (7) 13 Caretaker (7) 16 Small stoat-like animal (6) 17 Capital of Norway (4) 18 Reckless, impetuous (4) 19 Set fire to (6) SOLUTION to Crossword August 11 ACROSS 1 Anthology; 6 Sum; 7 Better; 10 Announce; 12 Delaware; 14 Elixir; 15 Boa; 16 Horrified.
Last November the Spanish government turned down an ETA offer for talks in Oslo, capital of Norway, until the armed group dissolves itself and lays down its arms.
He observed the AIOU is willing to set up its coordination office at Oslo, the capital of Norway for establishing permanent linkages with the Norwegian Universities for the academic benefit of their students
Stavanger is the oil and gas capital of Norway and of course, Aberdeen the main city on the North Sea in that area.
Fortunately, the parents of the group of children who had accompanied us to the capital of Norway had a network of family and friends who knew someone who knew somebody else at the game.