capital of Poland

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Poland - the capital and largest city of Polandcapital of Poland - the capital and largest city of Poland; located in central Poland
Poland, Polska, Republic of Poland - a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II
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The combination of world class design and spectacular views create the ultimate living space in the thriving capital of Poland.
Meanwhile the Egyptian embassy in Warsaw is participating in an international tourism exhibition held in the capital of Poland.
This, the city of Chopin, Copernicus and Pope John-Paul II and formerly the medieval capital of Poland with 6,000 monuments, 140 churches and 2.
For the first time in its history, Bitspiration Festival is going to be held in Warsaw , in the very centre of the capital of Poland.
Amman, May 19 (Petra) - Jordan has participated in the twenty-third annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which was recently held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
Capitals, (SANA) members of the Syrian students and community in Poland organized a meeting in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, to express their support to the Syrian people, army and leadership in the face of the global war against Syria.
00 Christmas Markets Flying from Liverpool John Lennon - Nov & Dec '13 Join us in the ancient royal capital of Poland, where colourful markets, steeped in tradition, are held against the spectacular backdrop of one of the few European cities to have survived the centuries unscathed.
He extended these views while in a meeting with President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski on Thursday in the city of Krakow, which is former capital of Poland and is also known as cultural capital of the country.
The other approach to reporting and measuring National Intellectual Capital was presented in The Report on the Intellectual Capital of Poland elaborated by Board of Strategic Advisers--an advisory and consultative body to the Prime Minister of Poland in 2008 (The Board of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister of Poland 2008).
On 5 December, the airline will begin a four times-a-week service to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
The Polish city of Krakow is often referred to as the cultural capital of Poland and is home to a number of Europe's best-preserved medieval centres.
The Polish translation of the song's title is "Female Citizen of Warsaw," which on the surface seems discordant when applied to the francophile Blanche, but as a fugitive forced to live under her Polish brother-in-law's roof, Blanche, metaphorically at least, becomes a resident/inhabitant of the capital of Poland commemorated in the name of the tune.