capital of Uruguay

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Uruguay - the capital and largest city of Uruguaycapital of Uruguay - the capital and largest city of Uruguay; a cosmopolitan city and one of the busiest ports in South America
Uruguay - a South American republic on the southeast coast of South America; achieved independence from Brazil in 1825
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The simple fact is that Cardiff is at about 52 degrees north of the equator (3,558 miles), while Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, is at around 38 degrees south (or 2,411 miles from the equator).
London's climate in 2050 will be more similar to Barcelona's current conditions, while Edinburgh's will be more like Paris is now, and Cardiff will be more similar to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, it suggests.
In Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, they have blocked Uber drivers from receiving training courses and even registered the company's name in the Patent and Trademark office as a way to keep it from operating.
What about the capital of Uruguay, do you know that?
Fact three: "Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay," it stated: "What better way of seeing our 'tranquilo' capital than sitting on a bus, munching fried grasshopper while listening to your favourite 'Frampton Comes Alive' track?" Even the llama told me betting on football is a sin.