capitalist economy

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Noun1.capitalist economy - an economic system based on private ownership of capitalcapitalist economy - an economic system based on private ownership of capital
venture capitalism - capitalism that invests in innovative enterprises (especially high technology) where the potential profits are large
free enterprise, laissez-faire economy, market economy, private enterprise - an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices
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He underscored the key role played by small and medium enterprises as well as entrepreneurs to achieve any economic development worldwide, given the fact that capitalist economy reduces the role of governments in providing job opportunities.
2bn loan from the International Monetary Fund linked to privatisation, trade liberalisation and other measures that would move Russia towards a capitalist economy.
But over the last two weeks, in Chapter Six of Bava Metzia, Daf Yomi readers have explored a different kind of crime against propertyone that in our capitalist economy is not a crime at all.
He examines and suggests revisions of three common narratives regarding changes of the period: a shift from moral to capitalist economy, mechanization of trust, and abstraction of social relations.
In these, Marx divided the capitalist economy into Department I, which produced means of production, and Department II, which produced consumer goods.
The source of the instability is located in the inherent nature of investment in a capitalist economy where uncertainty is ever-present.
In this drive to be the supreme capitalist economy, we have seen Britain's values eroded to the point where we 'know the cost of everything and the value of nothing'; and, with it, an existential crisis for the United Kingdom.
Ray will never be converted to the view that a capitalist economy is ultimately better for the overall wellbeing of a country's finances.
Corporatists argued that the modern capitalist economy lacked leadership and direction.
That is not a capitalist economy anymore, that is a feudalist economy.
In the next section of the book, Phelps takes on corporatism on its own terms and shows how it fails to provide not just economic wellbeing, but the satisfaction and security that a modern capitalist economy provides.
Our commitment is to revitalise the (township) economy and break the barriers of the capitalist economy.