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1. Of or relating to capitalism or capitalists.
2. Favoring or practicing capitalism: a capitalistic country.

cap′i·tal·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌkæp ɪ tlˈɪs tɪk)

1. pertaining to capital or capitalists.
2. founded on or supporting capitalism: a capitalistic system.
[1870–75, Amer.]
cap`i•tal•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.capitalistic - favoring or practicing capitalism
socialist, socialistic - advocating or following the socialist principles; "socialistic government"
2.capitalistic - of or relating to capitalism or capitalists; "a capitalist nation"; "capitalistic methods and incentives"
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[ˌkæpɪtəˈlɪstɪk] ADJcapitalista
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[ˌkæpɪtəˈlɪstɪk] adj (pej) → capitalistico/a
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(ˈkӕpitl) noun
1. the chief town or seat of government. Paris is the capital of France.
2. (also capital letter) any letter of the type found at the beginning of sentences, proper names etc. THESE ARE CAPITAL LETTERS / CAPITALS.
3. money (for investment etc). You need capital to start a new business.
1. involving punishment by death. a capital offence.
2. excellent. a capital idea.
3. (of a city) being a capital. Paris and other capital cities.
ˈcapitalism noun
a system of economics in which money and business are controlled by capitalists.
ˈcapitalist noun
a person who has much money in business concerns.
ˈcapitalist, ˌcapitaˈlistic adjective
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When have you protested to your capitalistic congregations at the working of children in the Southern cotton mills?* Children, six and seven years of age, working every night at twelve-hour shifts?
It is not at all remarkable that this same note should have been struck by the Church a generation or so later in relation to the defence of capitalistic property.
Japan was the first economy to hit the limits of the current capitalistic system.
But the Democratic belief system is socialistic, not capitalistic. Socialism has never succeeded anywhere in the world it has been tried.
of Albany, SUNY) discuss the connections between criminal behavior and the economy in advanced capitalistic societies, and explain that those complex connections between crime and economy can best be understood from an institutional perspective.
Tracing the history back to the rise of some popularity in America, its influence, its critics, and much more, "Shrink" is a fascinating history of a needed practice its place in a capitalistic society.
We are proudly capitalistic. I'm not confused about this," he added.
It discusses a range of economic alternatives, from socialistic to capitalistic solutions, and provides a synthesis of ideas that don't follow any particular party line.
Stating his interpretation of the Obama policy, Ahmadinejad said that the difference between Bush and Obama lies in the fact that the current US president uses force and at the same time deception and conspiracy unlike Bush who clearly resorted to weapon and military action to save the capitalistic system.
I find it incredible that the leaders of our capitalistic administrators who control our internal productivity have placed us squarely in the hands of a Communist regime.
Hence atheism is found in both capitalistic and Communist societies.
It seems such a destructive thing to tear the outsides of a building where so many generations of drinkers have shared countless conversations over the fabric of existence only to replace it with such a soulless void of capitalistic dining.