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In an excellent manner; admirably.
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chiefly Brit in an excellent manner; admirably
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(ˈkæp ɪ tl i)

1. excellently; very well.
2. in a manner involving capital punishment.
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Herbert said from behind (at the same time poking me), "capitally." So I said "capitally."
One slipper was nowhere to be found; the other had been laid hold of by an urchin, and off he ran with it; he thought it would do capitally for a cradle when he some day or other should have children himself.
"Oh, capitally! Mariette says he has been very good, And...I must disappoint you...but he has not missed you as your husband has.
'He don't seem to care about his dress,' thought Tom, 'and yet how capitally he does it.
I know very well you two did show to advantage, and managed capitally. But don't you on that account come talking to me as if I was your doll and puppet, because I am not.
I have said you managed capitally. You and your wife both.
"It is arranged capitally; his eminence expects me in half an hour."
With this object I purposely made a considerable circuit on my way to the Hall (as we called the Earl's house): "and if I could only manage to lose my way a bit," I thought to myself, "that would suit me capitally!"
Rostov lay down again on his bed and thought complacently: "Let him fuss and bustle now, my job's done and I'm lying down- capitally!" He could hear that Lavrushka- that sly, bold orderly of Denisov's- was talking, as well as the quartermaster.
"She will see ours capitally, but miss the big ones on the hill, unless papa has forgotten all about them," added Steve, cutting short the harangue Mac had begun upon the festivals of the ancients.
"Our cat ran away once, and he brought her back, and we talked over the fence, and were getting on capitally, all about cricket, and so on, when he saw Meg coming, and walked off.
He was dismissed the service, and though not adjudged capitally guilty, has been unable since to recover from the merchant a large sum of money which is his by right, as spared to him (Gorshkov) by the legal tribunal.