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1. Enlarged and globular at the tip, as a bone of the wrist having a rounded knoblike end or the stigma of certain flowers.
2. Having flowers arranged in a dense headlike cluster.

[Latin capitātus, having a head, from caput, capit-, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Botany) botany shaped like a head, as certain flowers or inflorescences
2. (Zoology) zoology having an enlarged headlike end: a capitate bone.
[C17: from Latin capitātus having a (large) head, from caput head]


(ˈkæp ɪˌteɪt)

1. globose, as certain leaf or flower clusters.
2. enlarged or knob-shaped at the end, as a bone.
[1655–65; < Latin capitātus having a head =capit-, s. of caput head + -ātus -ate1]
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Noun1.capitate - the wrist bone with a rounded head shape that articulates with the 3rd metacarpus
carpal, carpal bone, wrist bone - any of the eight small bones of the wrist of primates
Adj.1.capitate - being abruptly enlarged and globose at the tip
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
circular, round - having a circular shape
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We report a rare case of GCT of Capitate in a 28-year-old male patient.
Alternatively, if the capitate (distal carpal row) joint surface is healthy, the proximal row can be excised (PRC) leaving a mobile joint between the radius and the capitate.
Where states capitate multiple HMOs and provider organizations for Medicaid enrollees, capitated organizations have an incentive to attract those enrollees through wider choice of provider and better geographic access, as long as Medicaid capitation covers more than variable costs.