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Plural of capitulum.
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There are genera with three types of corollas in the same capitula (capitula trimorphic).
To be sure there was the theological or philosophical clash, in which Bernard primarily voiced the criticisms of Abelard's teaching by William of Saint-Thierry (the original instigator of the whole affair) and by Thomas of Morigny (who assisted in putting together the list of capitula).
Days from emergence (VE) to flowering, or anthesis (R5.5; when 50% of the flowers of a capitula are open) were recorded for [F.sub.2] plants and their corresponding [F.sub.3] families at each environment, as described in Leon et al.
Plant architecture is very similar in both species: one erect main stem with an apical panicle of capitula. They differ in certain subtle morphological characters; for example, C.
In dealing with conciliar decrees, theologians know how important it is to distinguish between the precise statements that the council intended to define, and the rest of the material contained in its capitula. While everything in the decrees is taught with conciliar authority, only the defined dogmas are taught with infallibility.
Sunflower harvest occurred on December 17, 2007, when the back of the capitula was yellow and the bract was brownish.
The Artemisia annua plant is known to produce aromatic oil in high density in the trichomes on leaves and capitula [3].
This group was defined as being perennial and leafy stemmed plants, leaves petiolate with petiole basally auriculate or decurrent and limb ovate-lanceolate or deltoid, usually 2-9 cm long, capitula usually radiate and several, arranged in corymbose synflorescence, anthers basally obtuse, and style branches apically truncate with short sweeping hairs (Cabrera 1985, Cabrera et al.
Capitulescences unilaterally spicate, racemose to paniculate; capitula sessile to pedunculate, homogamous, ligulate, one- to five-flowered; receptacle epaleate; involucre multiseriate.