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intr.v. ca·pit·u·lat·ed, ca·pit·u·lat·ing, ca·pit·u·lates
1. To surrender under specified conditions: The garrison capitulated after the bombardment.
2. To give up all resistance; acquiesce: capitulate to the pressure of public opinion. See Synonyms at yield.

[Medieval Latin capitulāre, capitulāt-, to draw up in chapters, from capitulum, chapter; see chapter.]

ca·pit′u·lant n.
ca·pit′u·la′tor n.
ca·pit′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Obama has been a servile facilitator and protector of the political establishment; an insidious capitulator and "consensus man".
Yet they ran-in half-a-dozen goals against Coleman's capitulators, with Manchester City defender Aleksandar Kolarov claiming they were amazed at the lack of fight in the Welsh team.