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(ˈkæp m)

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CAPN 316 SNP fragment sizes and genotypes obtained are shown in Figure 1.
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in CAPN and leptin genes associated with meat color and tenderness in Nellore cattle.
While CAPN is a bold step for American Express, we recognize that high-speed processing is the way that the entire market will be moving, so it is important that we have a solid and reliable processing system in place," said Scott Nixon, Director of IT for Movie Tavern.
As a result of complying with the CAPN requirements, organizations will no longer need a dial-up modem, transactions will be processed significantly faster and they will have improved reliability.
Our network security solutions are being used by dozens of merchants at hundreds of locations across the country that support PCI compliance requirements as well as meeting the new CAPN requirements of American Express," said Patrick Sweeney, VP of Product Management for SonicWALL.
1991), the role of CAPN3 and other members of CAPN family are still controversial.
Here, we focus on the effect of the endogenous protease activity especially the CAPN system on meat tenderization.
Introduction of CAPN system: Discovered in 1964 (Guroff, 1964), CAPNs are a large family of intracellular [Ca.
Service security surveillance and customer service in CAPN dependencies.
Supply of energy efficient lighting for other departments of CAPN