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ca·po 1

n. pl. ca·pos
A small movable bar placed across the fingerboard of a guitar or similar instrument so as to raise the pitch of all the strings uniformly.

[Italian capo (di tastiera), head (of the fingerboard), from Latin caput; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·po 2

 (kä′pō, kăp′ō)
n. pl. ca·pos
The head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate.

[Italian, from Latin caput, head; see capo1.]


(ˈkeɪpəʊ; ˈkæpəʊ)
n, pl -pos
(Instruments) a device fitted across all the strings of a guitar, banjo, etc, so as to raise the pitch of each string simultaneously. Also called: capo tasto Compare barré
[from Italian capo tasto head stop]


(ˈkæpəʊ; Italian ˈkapo)
n, pl -pos
(Law) the presumed title of a Mafia leader
[Italian: head]


(ˈkeɪ poʊ)

n., pl. -pos.
any of various devices for a guitar, lute, banjo, etc., that when clamped or screwed down across the strings at a given fret will raise each string a corresponding number of half tones.
[1875–80; < Italian, shortening of capotasto=capo head (see capo2) + tasto fingerboard, fret]


(ˈkɑ poʊ, ˈkæp oʊ)

n., pl. -pos.
the chief of a branch of the Mafia.
[1960–65; < Italian: head, leader < Vulgar Latin *capum for Latin caput; compare chief]
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Noun1.capo - the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate
chief, top dog, head - a person who is in charge; "the head of the whole operation"


nKapodaster m
References in classic literature ?
I'm Allegro da Capo, a very famous man; Just find another, high or low, to match me if you can.
Da Capo is certainly a strange person--isn't he?--and p'r'aps he's the only one of his kind in all the world."
In the last verse of the first paragraph, however, after hailing his deepest thought, he cries: "Disgust, disgust, disgust!" We know Nietzsche's ideal man was that "world-approving, exuberant, and vivacious creature, who has not only learnt to compromise and arrange with that which was and is, but wishes to have it again, AS IT WAS AND IS, for all eternity insatiably calling out da capo, not only to himself, but to the whole piece and play" (see Note on Chapter XLII.).
Hereupon a glorious shouting, a rapping, a jingling, a clattering, and a shouting, with plentiful da capo, pleasanter than a strain of sublimest music in the ears that receive such a tribute for the first time.
*On the fair Capo Deucato, and sprang So eagerly around about to hang Upon the flying footsteps of -- deep pride -
These people came to see them without fail every year, usually at the capo d'anno, and of old her aunt used to make them some little present--her aunt and she together: small things that she, Miss Tita, made herself, like paper lampshades or mats for the decanters of wine at dinner or those woolen things that in cold weather were worn on the wrists.
"Con el paso del tiempo me di cuenta que el problema del narcotrafico no se debia a una coyuntura del sexenio, ni a un capo de la droga, ni a un cartel; sino a gran parte de un pais que poco a poco estaba siendo tomado como rehen gracias a un mensaje: 'El crimen paga, el crimen genera oportunidades'."
For the attention of: Capo Reparto Amministrativo Capo Nucleo Contratti ed Economie
Cuanto sucede en Michoacan, Apatzingan en primer termino, es claro ejemplo de como actua la delincuencia De esa comunidad se apoderaron Los Caballeros Templarios y si algun habitante se resistia a los pagos de derechos de piso o mandatos de los capos, era persona muerta o victima de martirios.
Capo described how he murdered mobster John "Johnny Boy" D'Amato for being gay.
Un ano atras Emma Coronel, Reina de Belleza de un pequeno pueblo de Durango (noroeste), se caso el dia de su cumpleanos numero 18 con el capo de capos, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, el lider del cartel de Sinaloa.