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 (kăp′ō-ā′rə, kä′po͝o-ā′rä)
A martial art of Brazilian origin that is based around a rhythmic, dancelike movement.

[Brazilian Portuguese, perhaps from capoeira, cultivated field that has reverted to forest or scrubland (perhaps in reference to the origins of the martial art in gatherings held by slaves and poor rural communities), from Tupí kopu̯era (influenced by Tupí kaa, scrubland) : ko, clearing, agricultural field cleared in a forest : pu̯era, that once was.]


1. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) a movement discipline combining martial art and dance, which originated among African slaves in 19th-century Brazil
2. (Dancing) a movement discipline combining martial art and dance, which originated among African slaves in 19th-century Brazil
[C20: from Portuguese]
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Even inside the roda, the capoei-ristas are not exactly sparring against each; they are working with each other to master the art of capoeira," explained Christian Elo-mbo, known to fellow capoeiristas as Graduado Negro, supervisor of Abada-Capoeira's Gulf wing.
Acts will include indie rock, belly dancing, jazz, robots, chamber music, lounge singers, drumming and capoeira, a Brazilian art form that combines music with martial arts.
Jerusalem -- UN Media to PNN - UNRWA signed an agreement today with the group Bidna Capoeira to provide more training in the Afro-Brazilian sport and art form to Palestinian children in two UNRWA schools.
entertainment includes Capoeira Dancers, Eugene Taiko, Korean Dance Team and Ameyaltonal, a group of Aztec dancers from Salem; price at the door is $3 per person and $6 per family.
Today, the volunteer-based, artist-run center serves the Greater Boston area with six studios, an array of classes from ballet to capoeira, and a blackbox theater.
Capoeira is thought to have evolved tremendously within the quilombo, where villagers fended off intruders with the use of Capoeira.
com for news about capoeira; to subscribe to the monhtly e-zine, Planet Capoeira: and to join Capoeira Online, a Web community of capoeira enthusiasts.
Children from a North Tyneside special school joined forces with older pupils from a nearby middle school to learn the art of Capoeira, which is a blend of martial arts and dance.
Capoeira - an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of dance, play and ritualistic fighting - brought their unique offering to the city centre.
The gyms will provide private and group training in kick-boxing, yoga, capoeira, as well as weights and specially-designed programs.
She said: "It's the spirit of Capoeira that I love because it has so much warmth and lively energy.
Leandro Caldas Santos - known as Professor Leandro - from Bahia in Brazil, is famed around the world for his abilities in the littleknown martial art capoeira - which started life as an African slave dance.