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 (kăp′ər-əl, kăp′ə-răl′)
A strong dark tobacco.

[French, short for (tabac de) caporal, corporal('s tobacco), from Italian caporale, from capo, head; see capo1.]


a strong coarse dark tobacco
[C19: from French tabac du caporal corporal's tobacco, denoting its superiority to tabac du soldat soldier's tobacco]


(ˈkæp ər əl, ˌkæp əˈræl)

a variety of tobacco.
References in classic literature ?
je crois que nous avons la, un caporal qui ne dort jamais
In the Rue Taitbout were the Concerts Rouge, where for seventy-five centimes they could hear excellent music and get into the bargain something which it was quite possible to drink: the seats were uncomfortable, the place was crowded, the air thick with caporal horrible to breathe, but in their young enthusiasm they were indifferent.
Pour les unites, elles allaient, depuis le demi-groupe compose de 4 hommes commandes par un caporal, jusqu'au bataillon de 350 hommes commandes par un colonel.
The kids here can be transformed into future champions because the infrastructure, good coaches are there but they have to concentrate in eating better food," said Lemos, who has played a lead role in raising the games of star like Guilherme, Rafael Mendes, Gilbert Burns and Rodrigo Caporal to name a few.
The individual card, originally packaged with Sweet Caporal Cigarettes in 1909, was nicknamed for its distinct, large white border surrounding the portrait of the Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop.
18, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) announced the election of Ricardo Caporal to its Board of Directors.
Discretion was not in the French mind when the memorial to Caporal Jules Andre Peugeot was erected in Joncherey, France.
Mercredi, peu avant 10H00 locales (14H00 GMT), Michael Zehaf-Bibeau a tire sur l'un des deux militaires postes devant le monument aux morts d'Ottawa et touche mortellement le caporal Nathan Cirillo, 24 ans.
Duo Flush Conversion Installation: Raul Caporal, Quail Run, Northstar Properties
Renoir and the Vichy Syndrome: This Land is Mine, Carola and Le Caporal epingle.
Napoleon was known as the Little Corporal, or Le Petit Caporal, and depicted in British press at the time as smaller than his actual height of 5ft 7ins, which was normal for the time.
Auditorat Militaire General contre Adjudant Chef Rekeraho et Caporal Kamanayo [Military Prosecutor v.