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1. A long, usually hooded cloak or coat.
2. (also kä-pō′tĕ) A large, usually purple and yellow cape used in maneuvering the bull especially during the initial stage of a bullfight.

[French, from Old French capote, capette, diminutive of cape, cloak, from Medieval Latin cāpa; see cape1.]


(kəˈpəʊt; French kapɔt)
(Clothing & Fashion) a long cloak or soldier's coat, usually with a hood
[C19: from French: cloak, from cape; see cape1]


(Biography) Truman. 1924–84, US writer; his novels include Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948) and In Cold Blood (1964), based on an actual multiple murder



a long cloak with a hood.
[1790–1800, Amer.; < French, derivative of cape cape]


(kəˈpoʊ ti)

Truman, 1924–84, U.S. novelist and playwright.
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Noun1.capote - a long overcoat with a hood that can be pulled over the head
greatcoat, overcoat, topcoat - a heavy coat worn over clothes in winter
2.capote - a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the headcapote - a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the head
cloak - a loose outer garment
References in classic literature ?
Cannon and musketry, mingling together, thundered on the right and in the center, while the capotes of Lannes' sharpshooters were already seen crossing the milldam and forming up within twice the range of a musket shot.
For days they suffered the doleful rigors and retchings of sea-sickness, lurking below in their berths in squalid state, or emerging now and then like spectres from the hatchways, in capotes and blankets, with dirty nightcaps, grizzly beard, lantern visage and unhappy eye, shivering about the deck, and ever and anon crawling to the sides of the vessel, and offering up their tributes to the windward, to infinite annoyance of the captain.
There is no particle of trimming about this monstrous capote, as they call it--it is just a plain, ugly dead- blue mass of sail, and a woman can't go within eight points of the wind with one of them on; she has to go before the wind or not at all.
`I know, but I'm afraid to look at a gun now.' She picked up one of the drakes and ruffled his green capote with her fingers.
Asi que los capotes cubren por igual el cielo que el animo, llenandolos de gris y llevandose de ellos la luz, aunque ...
Pues es simple, porque encapotado refiere precisamente a capote y, si buscamos este termino en el diccionario, encontramos que es una <<capa de abrigo hecha con mangas y con menor vuelo o una especie de gaban cenido al cuerpo y con largos faldones>>, aunque tambien nos lleva a las corridas de toros, cuando el valiente torero reta con un grueso capote a la bestia.
Eventually the Capotes moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, and Truman attended the upscale Greenwich High, where he began to grow into the unconventional and decidedly attractive "character" that would soon ravish literary New York.
Truman had too many other interests to bother with schoolwork; he failed to graduate with his class and, since the Capotes were returning to Manhattan, he was enrolled in a school that catered to students who couldn't make the grade elsewhere.
When Truman Capote died in 1984, just before his sixtieth birthday, his life had been in a shambles for years.
Richard Capote has joined Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP as an associate in the real estate practice group where he will focus on the leasing, acquisition, sale and financing of commercial real estate.
En la planta de banano, la ultima hoja emitida se le denomina capote y de acuerdo con Champion (1975), es corta y ancha, con una nervadura central incompleta.
La hoja capote generalmente se elimina como parte de las labores precosecha de manejo del racimo.