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1. One that caps or makes caps.
2. Informal Something that surpasses or completes what has gone before; a finishing touch or finale.
3. Slang One who acts as a decoy, as in a confidence game.


(ˈkæp ər)

1. a person or thing that caps.
2. something that completes, adds to, or surpasses what has preceded it; clinches.
3. Slang. shill.
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Porter is understood to have worked for Capper and his dad, Frank Capper - a millionaire developer - in security.
It turned the tables for Boden, having lost to Capper in last year's event.
Darren Capper, 46, was jailed for four years at in November for a string of offences, including the distribution of indecent images to other paedophiles via the internet.
com)-- Swan-Matic, a bottle capping equipment manufacturer is now offering a hazardous location capper featuring Noltron's model 4480 anti-tie down monitor paired with dual Killark palm buttons.
Ms Capper said: "The NFU is fully supportive of a living wage for all workers in the agricultural industry.
CBH Group General Manager of Operations David Capper said the deal will render availability from Jan.
Capper & Co was ranked 13th in the Echo's sister paper's Western Mail Top 300 publication, which ranks the biggest companies in Wales on turnover.
Andrew Figiel, head of social care, said: "It is regrettable that our Home Care Service, which is normally very reliable, did not visit on two occasions and I wish to offer my sincere apologies to Mrs Capper and her family.
We have already made strong connections with member firms operating in Poland, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Hungary and the event gave us the opportunity to explore further links with businesses in the area," Mr Capper said.
AF Blakemore completed its takeover of Capper & Co last month.
As revealed in the Western Mail last month Pontyclunbased Capper & Co, which runs (under franchise) and supplies 500 Spar convenience stores across Wales and southern England was the subject of a takeover approach from another Spar franchise operation.
Pontyclun-based Capper & Co, which runs and supplies around 500 Spar convenience stores across Wales and southern England, is being taken over in a deal worth in the region of pounds 30m.