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1. One that caps or makes caps.
2. Informal Something that surpasses or completes what has gone before; a finishing touch or finale.
3. Slang One who acts as a decoy, as in a confidence game.


(ˈkæp ər)

1. a person or thing that caps.
2. something that completes, adds to, or surpasses what has preceded it; clinches.
3. Slang. shill.
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The Capper Volstead Act (the "Act") provides cooperatives with their primary exemption from federal antitrust laws, allowing agricultural producers to work together to improve their economic position.
Zalkin introduces at Interpack the new TM300 FILLCAPP, a single-head stand-alone capper with integrated filling capabilities that can fill and cap up to 30 containers per minute (CPM) and up to 60 CPM for two-station models.
And an hour later a family row broke out which ended in Withers repeatedly knifing her partner, 45-year old courier Jason Capper, in the back and neck.
NFU horticulture board chairwoman Ali Capper urged the Government to work with the union and its members to solve the potential labour crisis which could be caused by a tightening of immigration rules as the UK leaves the EU.
The electrically operated Model C530A hand capper offers consistent torque, ranging from 9 - 39 inch pounds and 600 RPMs and is ideal for small production runs.
The body of Michael Andrew Capper, of Rhyl, was discovered on January 22.
SPENNYMOOR Town continue their FA Trophy quest at Stourbridge without Shane Henry and Stephen Capper.
Porter, and George Wesley Capper, 38, from Essex, were initially investigated for illegal detention after CCTV showed them after driving her away from a club in Puerto Banus.
Racketlon is where competitors play a sequence of the four most popular racket sports - table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis - and Capper is a table tennis and tennis specialist.
Kerry Capper, 25, was accused of not providing medical evidence when Libby Bennett failed to attend Paget Primary School for seven days between January and March this year.
Santander Corporate & Commercial, a part of Santander UK plc (LSE: SAN) (NYSE: STD) has expanded its support for businesses in Lancashire with the appointment of Peter Capper and Harry Egan as relationship directors at its Preston-based Corporate Business Centre.
Geoffrey Capper died in a blaze at a property on Acton Street in the early hours of Saturday.