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1. One that caps or makes caps.
2. Informal Something that surpasses or completes what has gone before; a finishing touch or finale.
3. Slang One who acts as a decoy, as in a confidence game.


(ˈkæp ər)

1. a person or thing that caps.
2. something that completes, adds to, or surpasses what has preceded it; clinches.
3. Slang. shill.
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Swan-Matic specializes in handheld and bench-top cappers for small to mid-size production runs.
So are we and our football team Cappers or Cobblers?
Avakyan and his defendants would then pay the cappers $350 for each patient they brought to his clinic, authorities said.
Many of its leading officials were wool dealers, and many of these were members of the Cappers and Mercers guilds.
Cappers suggests that such concerns were similar to the more general eighteenth-century fear of being buried alive.
Swan-Matic cappers offer them a cost effective way to do that.
A BOOK celebrating the mediaeval Coventry Guild of Cappers and Felt-makers has been published in memory of the second Lord Iliffe - grandson of Evening Telegraph founder William Iliffe.
Working on a tip that hospital employees were selling the names of accident victims to cappers, who in turn sold the names to law offices, an undercover fraud investigator posed as a traffic accident victim at the hospital.