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1. One that caps or makes caps.
2. Informal Something that surpasses or completes what has gone before; a finishing touch or finale.
3. Slang One who acts as a decoy, as in a confidence game.
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(ˈkæp ər)

1. a person or thing that caps.
2. something that completes, adds to, or surpasses what has preceded it; clinches.
3. Slang. shill.
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Tania Arguello Plasencia, Boris Mikhayovich Dadiomov, Soraida Veronica Castro, and Dulce Gallegos (the "Cappers") worked and "capped" for Arguello.
So are we and our football team Cappers or Cobblers?
Many of its leading officials were wool dealers, and many of these were members of the Cappers and Mercers guilds.
Wim Cappers' study, "Money and Medals for Saving the Drowned: The Financial Factor in Dutch Discourse on Apparent Death during the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century," owes much to earlier studies on the Enlightenment and medicine, but his subject - the growing concern with unnecessary death by drowning - is particular to the Dutch case.
Swan-Matic specializes in handheld and bench-top cappers for small to mid-size production runs.
A BOOK celebrating the mediaeval Coventry Guild of Cappers and Felt-makers has been published in memory of the second Lord Iliffe - grandson of Evening Telegraph founder William Iliffe.
Swan-Matic cappers offer them a cost effective way to do that.”
This new development is available for all new trigger sprayer machines and is a simple bolt on addition to all existing C600 Swan-Matic cappers.
While bench-top cappers remain a solid choice for most, many customers can benefit from handheld cappers.
Erie, PA, September 16, 2011 --( Swan-Matic, a bottle capping equipment manufacturer presents an air operated bench top capper. The C400 series of bench top cappers are hazardous location, single cycle cappers which use air controllers to energize an air clutch and brake system in order to cycle the cappers on and off.
Coinciding with the Swan-Matic website launch, the Company has rolled out a new capper line, the C900 series.