capri pants

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ca·pri pants

Calf-length, usually tight-fitting pants, often having a slit on the outside of the leg bottoms.

[After Capri.]

Capri pants



pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) women's tight-fitting trousers

Capri′ (or capri′) pants`,

(used with a pl. v.)
women's fitted pants that end above the ankle.
Also called Ca•pris′.
[1955–60; after Capri]

capri pants

Tight-fitting women’s pants with legs that end at the calf.
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99, New Look, (trainers stylist's own) | LEFT: Top PS12, Ultimate leggings PS16, F&F at Tesco | ABOVE: Green vest PS8, Ultimate bra PS16, capri pants PS12, F&F at Tesco | RIGHT: DP Active sports bra PS16, matching leggings PS22, Dorothy Perkins | COVER IMAGE: Jacket PS24.
When I first saw the Eszter Capri pants in my size however, I was sceptical, as they looked far too small and I was concerned they'd feel - and look - too tight.
Eszter Multi-functional |3/4 Capri pants, PS60; Erin Cross-back Vest, PS38 (zaazee.
It was big skirts, petticoats, pony tails, capri pants and Grease fashions," said Liz.
9 Geo prints make a striking statement when worn with denim or crisp white capri pants.
While it is obvious why number two is low on the totem pole, she is clad in a t-shirt and wears Capri pants, her neighbour is dressed in what would be considered demure in most areas of the world; a long sleeved shirt and long pants, yet she is still only ranked third in the row of shame.
NAUTICAL but very, very nice this striped blazer from Karen Millen, pounds 190 is perfect with jeans or capri pants this spring.
Amy was said to have been fully involved with the design of her collections, the first of which was a 50s inspired set which included twinsets, gingham, pencil skirts and capri pants in October 2010.
Wearing a sunny yellow top and capri pants, she then attended an outdoor afternoon tea for the fans and their parents in the hotel's garden, where she unfailingly posed for more pictures before, in true Wimbledon style, making a play for the tower of strawberries next to the chocolate fountain.
com, 01923 4733000 Sports capri pants, from pounds 12.