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According to the dress code, female students will have to wear a head scarf all the time on campus while sleeveless shirts, deep necks, tights, skinny jeans and capri pants are banned completely.
The notification on the dress code, a copy of which is available with Dawn, made it compulsory for female students to wear a scarf or dupatta while imposing a ban on sleeveless shirts and capri pants. It has made compulsory for male students to wear shalwar kameez on Fridays.
According to this dress code, wearing a scarf and dupatta has been made compulsory for the female students while wearing sleeveless shirts and capri pants have also been banned.
Ladies wore circle skirts with petticoats, capri pants, hair bows, oversized sunglasses and big coifs.
Emma Johnson has kit for all workouts | Racer vest, PS16 and leggings, PS20, Matalan | Grey circle bomber jacket, PS28, crop top, PS8 and leggings, PS18, all Matalan | ABOVE: Mulitcoloured vest PS7.99, leggings PS17.99, New Look, (trainers stylist's own) | LEFT: Top PS12, Ultimate leggings PS16, F&F at Tesco | ABOVE: Green vest PS8, Ultimate bra PS16, capri pants PS12, F&F at Tesco | RIGHT: DP Active sports bra PS16, matching leggings PS22, Dorothy Perkins | COVER IMAGE: Jacket PS24.99, sports bra PS12.99, leggings PS17.99, New Look (trainers stylist's own)
When I first saw the Eszter Capri pants in my size however, I was sceptical, as they looked far too small and I was concerned they'd feel - and look - too tight.
| Eszter Multi-functional |3/4 Capri pants, PS60; Erin Cross-back Vest, PS38 (
"It was big skirts, petticoats, pony tails, capri pants and Grease fashions," said Liz.
9 Geo prints make a striking statement when worn with denim or crisp white capri pants. Geometric print top, PS49.50, Per Una Speziale at M&S
"A lot of times, you'll be watching Honey Boo Boo and then the commercials will come on and it's a perfect mom in a cardigan and capri pants washing the floor," said Wintsch.