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 (kə-prĭsh′əs, -prē′shəs)
Characterized by, arising from, or subject to caprice; impulsive or unpredictable: capricious decisions; capricious weather.

ca·pri′cious·ly adv.
ca·pri′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.capriciousness - the quality of being guided by sudden unpredictable impulsescapriciousness - the quality of being guided by sudden unpredictable impulses
changefulness, inconstancy - the quality of being changeable and variable
2.capriciousness - the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment; "I despair at the flightiness and whimsicality of my memory"
irresponsibility, irresponsibleness - a form of untrustworthiness; the trait of lacking a sense of responsibility and not feeling accountable for your actions


تَقَلُّب، نَزَوِيَّه
duttlungasemi; mislyndi
kaprislilikmaymun iştahlılık



(kəˈpriːs) noun
1. an especially unreasonable sudden change of mind etc; a whim. I'm tired of the old man and his caprices.
2. a fanciful and lively piece of music etc.
capricious (kəˈpriʃəs) adjective
changeable. She may change her mind – she's very capricious.
caˈpriciously adverb
caˈpriciousness noun
References in classic literature ?
It is a singular instance of the capriciousness of the human mind, that after all the admonitions we have had from experience on this head, there should still be found men who object to the new Constitution, for deviating from a principle which has been found the bane of the old, and which is in itself evidently incompatible with the idea of GOVERNMENT; a principle, in short, which, if it is to be executed at all, must substitute the violent and sanguinary agency of the sword to the mild influence of the magistracy.
What animation, both of body and mind, she had derived from watching the advance of that season which cannot, in spite of its capriciousness, be unlovely, and seeing its increasing beauties from the earliest flowers in the warmest divisions of her aunt's garden, to the opening of leaves of her uncle's plantations, and the glory of his woods.
Without haste he wrapped them securely, and then, ere he turned to leave, the devil of capriciousness entered his heart.
50 Tmesis Presents That's Amore "That's Amore" examines the excitement and risks of submitting ourselves to the capriciousness of love.
The counties are adding to the cost and capriciousness of doing business through new levies and regulations," he says.
She's not so much imitating Hepburn as paying homage to her, cultivated mid-Atlantic accent and daggered stare firmly in place, a thoroughbred heiress of spoiled, judgmental capriciousness.
But the CBI cannot afford to be complicit in this capriciousness.
Samarotto concludes that, rather than conforming to a single genre that may be clearly defined as the "Capriccio genre," Brahms "may have distilled the more general notion of nonregu-lation, of capriciousness itself, as a compositional principle, one that does not submit to genre but rather evades the very notion of genre" (p.
At the same time, Manning had known enough of the capriciousness of fate that she might not have been surprised at this outcome.
One has never seen such bitterness and capriciousness in Indian politics before.
If his measures may be harsh, they shall follow from his royal obligations, not from capriciousness or a perverse pleasure in inflicting harm.