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1. A wild variety of Mediterranean fig (Ficus carica) used in the caprification of certain edible figs.
2. The pear-shaped structure on this plant that encloses numerous small flowers and later develops into an inedible multiple fruit.

[Middle English, from Latin caprifīcus (influenced by Middle English fig, fig) : caper, capr-, goat + fīcus, fig; see fig1.]


(Plants) a wild variety of fig, Ficus carica sylvestris, of S Europe and SW Asia, used in the caprification of the edible fig
[C15: from Latin caprifīcus literally: goat fig, from caper goat + fīcus fig1]


(ˈkæp rəˌfɪg)

the wild fig, Ficus carica, bearing an inedible fruit used in pollination of the edible fig.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin caprifīcus literally, the goat-fig =capri- (see Capricorn) + fīcus fig1]
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Noun1.caprifig - wild variety of the common fig used to facilitate pollination of certain figs
common fig, common fig tree, Ficus carica, fig - Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit
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Today, 'Smyrna' fig growers in the Middle East and California hang braids of inedible caprifig fruits in their orchards at pollinating time.
In this research, Hardwood cuttings of 4 uniferous (one production per year) fig cultivars ("Bayoudhi," "Jemaaoui," "Ragoubi," and "Zidi"), one biferous (two productions per year) ("Bither"), and one caprifig (male fig) ("Bouharrag") were used as plant material.
Modern commercial cultivation of fresh figs for the consumer market usually focuses on artificially selected parthenocarpic cultivars that do not need pollination to produce ripe fruit, but there are still some caprifig orchards in South Africa that depend on the long-established populations of B.