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Capri pants.
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1LX, but wants to move on to a Ford Capri, because he loves their shape, craftsmanship and classic heritage.
Q A FRIEND is selling his 1978 Ford Capri 3000 Ghia Auto.
Or be edgy and tie up maroon flats with capris and a cropped sweater.
Early Porsche 911s, Ford Capris and the Ferrari 308 are all featured.
70s and 80s classics are strengthening in value nicely, with Capris and Cosworths leading the pack.
These capris come cuffed, so you're an instant fashionista.
The blockade was aimed at stopping European-built Ford Granadas and Capris being shipped into Britain.
The show also featured Cortinas as squad cars and a few Capris and Escorts.