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 (kăp′sīz′, kăp-sīz′)
intr. & tr.v. cap·sized, cap·siz·ing, cap·siz·es
To overturn or cause to overturn: The boat capsized; I capsized the canoe.

[Perhaps from Spanish capuzar, to load a ship so that its bow sinks (perhaps alteration of chapuzar, to duck, push underwater, from Vulgar Latin *subputeāre : Latin sub-, sub- + puteus, well; see pit1), or from Spanish cabezar, to pitch (from cabeza, head, from Vulgar Latin *capitia, from Latin caput, capit-; see cape2).]
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Noun1.capsizing - (nautical) the event of a boat accidentally turning over in the watercapsizing - (nautical) the event of a boat accidentally turning over in the water
sailing, seafaring, navigation - the work of a sailor
wreck, shipwreck - an accident that destroys a ship at sea
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It was a dug-out, as ancient and dilapidated as its owner, and, in order to get into it without capsizing, Daughtry wet one leg to the ankle and the other leg to the knee.
Besides, the wind was freshening, constantly, and each of us had his hands full to avoid capsizing. As for my boat, it could not have been kept afloat but for the extra ballast.
"You should never seem surprised when you have taken a large order," said he; "you ought to have replied `Can't you make it three hundred and fifty?' instead of capsizing in that unbusinesslike way."
Large waves could lower visibility, cause capsizing of boats and pose danger to beachgoers.
There were 43 people onboard and the capsizing could have been because of overloading, reported Sputnik.
G WINDSFollowing the incident, the KMA has notified all mariners, fishermen, speedboat operators, pleasure crafts, passengers and the general public that strong winds and high waves are expected along the coastal waters this week.KMA Director General George Nyamoko Okong'o has advised all sea users to take extra caution when sailing and avoid venturing into the open sea during this period as the strong winds, waves and reduced visibility may cause loss of life and property through collision and capsizing of vessels at sea.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi extended condolences to the Tanzanian government and nation over the tragic capsizing incident of a ferry in Tanzania's Lake Victoria which resulted in the death of tens of people.
In "Capsized!: The Forgotten Story of the SS Eastland Disaster" former elementary/middle school teacher and curriculum author Patricia Sutton (who was also a Golden Apple Award finalist for teacher excellence in the Chicago area, and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) details the events leading up to the fateful day and provides a nail-biting, minute-by-minute account of the ship's capsizing.
THE weekend capsizing off Tunisia of an overloaded smuggling boat is now believed to have killed 112 migrants, making it the deadliest shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea this year, the UN migration agency said.
On Wednesday, the SAR team found one dead crewman and rescued three others who were injured following the capsizing of the vessel that had 18 crewmen, one of them a Malaysian and 17 foreigners, on board.
THATTA -- The people living in coastal areas are facing many problems because of the poor managements of the administrations and its example was shown during the capsizing of a boat.
The Italian navy took pictures of that capsizing even as it rushed to rescue all those thrown into the sea from the vessel.