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 (kăp′səl, -so͞ol)
1. A small soluble container, usually made of gelatin, that encloses a dose of an oral medicine or a vitamin.
2. Anatomy A fibrous, membranous, or fatty sheath that encloses an organ or part, such as the sac surrounding the kidney or the fibrous tissues that surround a joint.
3. Microbiology A polysaccharide outer shell enveloping certain bacteria.
4. Botany
a. A dry dehiscent fruit that develops from two or more united carpels.
b. The thin-walled, spore-containing structure of mosses and related plants.
5. A space capsule.
6. A brief summary; a condensation.
1. Highly condensed; very brief: a capsule description.
2. Very small; compact.
tr.v. cap·suled, cap·sul·ing, cap·sules
1. To enclose in or furnish with a capsule.
2. To condense or summarize: capsuled the news.

[French, from Latin capsula, diminutive of capsa, box.]

cap′su·lar (-sə-lər, -syo͝o-) adj.
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relating to or resembling a capsule
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(ˈkæp sə lər, -syʊ-)

of, in, or like a capsule.
[1670–80; < New Latin]
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Adj.1.capsular - resembling a capsule; "the capsular ligament is a sac surrounding the articular cavity of a freely movable joint and attached to the bones"
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
2.capsular - of or relating to a capsule
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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Advanced IOL Fixation Techniques: Strategies for Compromised or Missing Capsular Support
Non-toxic, immunogenic, teratogenic, carcinogenic, and lack of potential effect on mammography determine its reliability; development of capsular contracture, deflation, palpation and the possibility of folding in the anatomical pouch is determined by its effectiveness.
The terms of capsular penetration and capsular invasion are not recommended to be used anymore, because the prostate has not got a true histological capsule.
Surgeon must be aware of the following factors before taking on surgery in such compromised eyes: conjunctival scarring, low endothelial cell counts, poor pupillary dilatation, increased lens-iris diaphragm retropulsion, zonular weakness and pre-existing posterior capsular damage as well as diabetic retinopathy, low scleral rigidity, cystoid macular edema and other co-morbidities.
They came into being in the late 1980's and 1990's as a response to the high capsular contracture rates that were found at that time.
Commercial availability of PowerVision's IOL technology will be determined following significant additional development and clinical trials of the intraocular lens, which is designed to utilise the eye's natural accommodating response to transport fluid in the intraocular lens, which is implanted in the eye's capsular bag.
Of particular interest to visitors are capsular coffee machines of the original form, resembling a penguin or an alien.
Three patients had secondary capsular opacification 17.6%.
One study showed that despite the seemingly vast repertoire of capsular serovars among C.
After disinfection, a normal saline bag (disinfected) was used for temporary suturing of the abdominal wall around the capsule to form a capsular bag.
The persistent pupillary membrane is usually an innocuous finding diagnosed on routine slit-lamp examination but in this case, it was adherent to the anterior lens capsule causing anterior capsular cataract, affecting the visual acquity.