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 (kăp′səl, -so͞ol)
1. A small soluble container, usually made of gelatin, that encloses a dose of an oral medicine or a vitamin.
2. Anatomy A fibrous, membranous, or fatty sheath that encloses an organ or part, such as the sac surrounding the kidney or the fibrous tissues that surround a joint.
3. Microbiology A polysaccharide outer shell enveloping certain bacteria.
4. Botany
a. A dry dehiscent fruit that develops from two or more united carpels.
b. The thin-walled, spore-containing structure of mosses and related plants.
5. A space capsule.
6. A brief summary; a condensation.
1. Highly condensed; very brief: a capsule description.
2. Very small; compact.
tr.v. cap·suled, cap·sul·ing, cap·sules
1. To enclose in or furnish with a capsule.
2. To condense or summarize: capsuled the news.

[French, from Latin capsula, diminutive of capsa, box.]

cap′su·lar (-sə-lər, -syo͝o-) adj.


relating to or resembling a capsule


(ˈkæp sə lər, -syʊ-)

of, in, or like a capsule.
[1670–80; < New Latin]
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Adj.1.capsular - resembling a capsule; "the capsular ligament is a sac surrounding the articular cavity of a freely movable joint and attached to the bones"
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
2.capsular - of or relating to a capsule
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants


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The client wishes to offer complete equipment for performing capsular endoscopy including instrument-dependent consumables.
Neodymium: Yatrium-aluminium garnet laser (Nd: YAG laser) capsulotomy is the standard treatment of posterior capsular opacification which is the most common late complication of cataract surgery1,2, affecting almost 20-40% of the patients1,3.
The literature does not demonstrate one method to be superior to the other in terms of posterior capsular rupture rate.
AutonoMe is the first-and-only automated, disposable, pre-loaded IOL delivery system that allows exact delivery of the IOL into the capsular bag in patients undergoing cataract surgery.
Mild atrophy and capsular changes were observed at 160 g/kg dose as shown in Figure 5.
Hence, the biocompatibility of intraocular lens materials is assessed in terms of uveal biocompatibility, based on the inflammatory foreign-body reaction of the eye against the implant, and in terms of capsular biocompatibility, determined by the relationship of the intraocular lens with residual lens epithelial cells within the capsular bag.
Meningococcal carriage was previously assessed in university students in the United Kingdom during 2009-10 at the University of Nottingham (UoN) when a high prevalence of capsular group Y (MenY) meningococcal carriage was detected (3).
The IMT is placed within the capsular bag following cataract surgery and protrudes forward into the anterior chamber.
2] This technique produces a strong capsular rim that resists tearing even when stretched during lens material removal or lens implantation.
Among the areas they consider are managing capsulorhexis and complications, soft and mature cataract management and complications, intraocular lens implantation in the absence of adequate capsular support, machine management in complicated cases, toxic anterior segment syndrome and endophthalmitis, and prevention pearls and damage control.
Recurrent anterior glenohumeral instability after attempted soft tissue stabilization can be secondary to failed repair, capsular redundancy, and more commonly from lack of bony support.